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ASASHIO torpedo

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I'd like you to increase the type of ASASHIO torpedo

As cruisers' new trees are implemented, cruisers will increase very much in random warfare so it will not be possible to sort out with asapas

I paid about 60 dollars to buy this ship but it is sad that I do not have the chance to use it for quite a while

Because I live in Japan and I'm not good at English

made this sentence in Google Translate so I think that the sentences are wrong I'm sorry

I am praying for the development of this game Thank you!

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I think you are asking for th ASSasshio to have normal torpedoes rather than 20km deep water torps.

That won't happen because that's the compromise for having the ability to hide at the act of the map and spam torps like a lot of ASSashio drivers do

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