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Tier 8 Operation ~ Cherry Blossom~

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Operation~Cherry Blossom~

As a part of the American update cycle a new scenario is added. It is inspired by the historic Battle of the Empress Augusta Bay, which took place on November 1st and 2nd 1943.
In the dead of the night Japanese forces try to counterattack the troops that have recently landed. Main objective is to defend the troops and further capitalize on the situation by attacking the enemy base.


The operation begins at night time and ends when the sun is out. Players will get to know a new mechanic - night battles with star shells as a means to light up the combat area.
Participation in this scenario will be limited to tier VIII cruisers of the American, French and British nations.


Operation~Cherry Blossom

The operation begins in the night, so visibility and detection parameters are changed accordingly:

Max. detection radius of allied and enemy ships is limited to 17.6 km
Ships' detectability in combat is reduced by 40%
Dispersion is increased by 20%
Guaranteed detectability after firing from main batteries is decreased from 20 to 8 seconds
Star shells and flash bombs create zones of modified visibility parameters as well:

Max. detection radius of allied and enemy ships is limited to 17.6 km
At the same time minimum detection radius of ships is increased and limited to 17.6 km
Closer to the end of scenario night turns into day and all of the visibility parameters go back to normal.

Time of day does not affect the effectiveness of consumables in battle.

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