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Multiple language support on ENG client (remove square chat)

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I have been enjoying WOWS for some time, and the one thing that really is bugging me is that in English client most East-asian languages are processed as boxes. As Yuro mentioned in one of his videos, the Asia server is "square-speaking server".

I know there are clients for each of languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and so on. But, these clients offer that specific language only. For instance, if I know how to read all KO, JP,  and CN and want to read all the chats from 3 different languages, only solution is to install a mod that changes the font entirely. But copying and pasting the mod folder for every single patch is kind of painful. 

As far as I know, these languages occupy different section of unicode table. I am not a professional program developer, but I think it is less-than-a-week work to merge all the language fonts that WOWS currently supports into a master font. Or is it something related to the copyright? Then, perhaps you might want to invest an actual time to make dedicated font from scratch.

I really appreciated the sound update, and other considerations on details. So, why not language and fonts? Please, make the square-chatting a history as soon as possible.

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