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Hi all,

I'm looking for advice on how to play the Akizuki. From my brief experience the Akizuki sucks and is over rated. I accept I may be doing something wrong and need to improve, but there are quirks to this ship which defy rational explanation. It's not the dps monster people make it out to be.

I've been in matches where I have rained 200 - 400 shells onto enemy ships and am lucky if I do 20K - 30K damage. I am literally raining shells on enemy BBs and they completely ignore me. Why waste their time swatting an annoying mosquito that barely harms you?

And the most annoying part.... after spending the entire match raining 300 shells on enemy ships, I'm lucky if I'm barely able to cover my service costs. This ship literally has sent me broke.

I don't yet have IFHE and I understand that's a step up but my concerns are this. What magical DPS effect is IFHE going to have when:

  1. AP shells mostly bounce anyway and do bugger all damage (and according to most expert players, you're meant to be using AP and not simply HE spamming)
  2. HE shells shatter. I get it IFHE will reduce the shatter rate and help with starting fires which is a great damage boost.... but it hardly transforms the ship into this insane killing machine.
  3. There are people out there who swear AP is better than IFHE HE shells anyway, so IFHE can't be this skill which transforms my 300 shells per match from nothing into the literal hand of death smiting all it touches.


Akizuki is not a heavy hitter. It appears to kill by using sustained fire to wear opponents down. In my experience sustained AP fire does very little.


How are people doing the massive damage I hear about? It can't be IFHE because that only really helps with fires and players seem to insist you need to use both AP and HE. The AP is borderline useless. Even to kill other DDs, you need to keep shooting them up. Akizuki will never one shot anything, so killing enemy DDs when capping is suicidal because their friends will normally half kill you unless you take evasive action shortly after firing (and most of your shells bounce anyway). So killing other DDs is tricky unless you completely surprise them from the other side of an island and they're unable to angle away from you and cause your shells to bounce. And forget chasing them as you're too slow. And as for killing anything else, it's borderline hopeless unless they're dumb enough to run into your torps.


Come on guys. What's the secret. I mean I've seen videos where people swear the AP is better than HE with IFHE, so it can't be just IFHE. 400 shells on BBs which are moving and presenting different angles but doing bugger all damage..... you can't fake that. It doesn't matter if someone is a unicum, their trigger finger isn't any better than mine or make the shells behave any differently.


What am I missing here? Why does the damage output suck so hard to be almost non existent? I feel like I've got a rapid firing machine gun which shoots cotton balls. 

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I'm no DD player but the Akizuki is certainly holding its own statistically in the server with a >51% WR which is on par for all the T8 DD except the Kidd and Assholio.


IFHE is beneficial but not the godsend it can be for other ships.  Its base pen is 17mm but EFHE let you pen 19mm armour with HE.    You're also better off running Dem expert or flags to make up the shortfall in fire damage when using IFHE because you only have a base fire chance of 5% anyway.  IFHE reduces that to 3%.  Signals and skill raise it to 6%.  That's about it.  It's ROF is over twice that of the Kagero, better than the benson Z23. Lo Yang and Hiensnyang so just keep peppering the targets.   Its just slow.

You have only had a few games in it.   Wait until you get a larger pool of games before you judge it as a bad ship.



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I myself do not own the Akizuki but going by the numerous guides/gameplays on this ship available on youtube here are a few things one should know - 

Akizuki is the ultimate DD killer with its insane DPM. However you must spec IFHE to increase your overall pen otherwise high tier DD's can outright bounce/shatter your HE on there broadside. Akizuki's 100mm HE shells have a pen of 100/6 ~= 16.67 mm. Meaning if you shoot HE at any armor which is more than 17mm your HE shells will shatter. IFHE buffs your penetration by 30% meaning with IFHE you can have 21.66 mm pen. Now most same tier/higher tier DD's have a superstructure armor greater than your normal HE pen and an even higher belt armor. Which is why if you shoot at T8+ DD's, with normal HE you dont pen. SO IFHE is a must on angled DD's if you want to deal alpha HE damage. 

Again , most T8+ dd's have a belt armor greater than your IFHE pen. So you will shatter IFHE on broadside high tier DD's. Which is why go AP on broadside DD's and if you feel lethargic about ammo switch, stick to IFHE but only on superstructure. Worth noting Khaba and some other T10 DD's will have a superstructure armor in certain areas which is more than your IFHE pen. 

You can get away with shooting HE at all angles when shooting low tier dd's. 

In a nutshell, before taking this ship for a spin next time spend some time viewing the armor profile of all T7 - T10 DD's (or for all ships for that matter) and you will understand why you can/cannot damage certain DD's. 

54 minutes ago, coldsteelfury said:

HE shells shatter. I get it IFHE will reduce the shatter rate and help with starting fires which is a great damage boost.

IFHE does not help with starting fires, on the contrary it reduces your fire chance which you need to counter by specking into demo expert and using fire flags. 

Most BB superstructure will shatter even your IFHE shells. Do some homework and find out which areas of BB superstructure can be penned. Once you are aware of armor layout of other ships, you will have a much better success. Also, Akizuki AP is killer at short ranges on BB/CA superstructure. 

You need to understand the role of this ship. Its not a RU DD which can constantly shell BB's and do steady damage + fires. The Akizuki is the DD bully, move into the cap, find them and kill them. But do not engage them when they have ample support as the Akizuki is the slowest dd you can ever sail. Heck its slower than some cruisers. So disengaging/kiting does not work very well when you are surrounded by enemies. 

Once enemy DD's are taken care of in your flank, you can choose to set a few fires on BB's which have used there DC or spam some torps or shoot at low health CA's. 

It is a DD whose performance is directly related to its captain build. A 14 point captain is a must IMO - 

Priority Target

Last Stand

Demo Expert



Additionally SE and AR help you survive longer and boost your DPM over time. Or you can choose RPF if you want to hunt down enemy DD's. 

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Play her like British Cruisers.

Akizuki's true power lies in AP DPM meaning she will require some teammate's support to force the enemy to show a broad.
Try to memorize the armor layout of potential ship she'll be facing (Yes all of them, tier 6-10) since she has a very low caliber armament the penetration power is on the low side.
Forget about citadel damage, her AP shell doesn't pack enough punch to go through a citadel of a ships at that tier. Unless You happens to position her VERY close to the enemy ship (Within 4 kms and below)
The trick here is to aim at the lightly armored part of the ships, casemate, bow, stern, superstructure, any part that doesn't exceed 60mm. 

IFHE will allows her to deal damage on soft targets use this AS A LAST RESORT, situation like when the targeted enemy is angled.
HE damage is not comparable to AP but its better than no damage when angling comes into play.
Without IFHE you can imagine the awkward situation where Akizuki cannot do damage against a Destroyer of the same tier or higher.
IFHE is a must have for Akizuki to prevent such inevitable but she's NOT your typical HE spamming Destroyer. 

Basic Firing Training vs. Demolition Experts.
Its up to the player what he/she wants, one is to increase Damage Per Minutes and the other one is just trying to compensate the drawback of IFHE effect.
For me I rather have more DPM to burst at the given time available in a gun fight than RNG chance to set a damage over time on the enemy.

She is not just a Destroyer Hunter, she's more and its up to her commander's capability to deliver such potentials.

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Thanks for the advice all. I've taken it all on board. It helps keep me alive and contribute positively to the team.

However I am still finding my damage output is still very average. I shoot targets endlessly and do 30K damage and it doesn't even cover my service costs and I'm -30K silver out of pocket most games. Sometimes I make a small profit. More than anything, it's the loss of silver each game that really gets to me because it really does send me broke.

I can only imagine other players must be a lot better aiming the machine gun fire than me. I find the only time I do massive damage is if I'm lucky with my torps. Yes the guns work very well against other destroyers but that doesn't give you very much damage.

I will admit, it is hilarious to be sitting in smoke and firing 100mm shells at an enemy BB 10km away and watching them duck and swerve and attempt to run away from you. It makes a pleasant change from BBs normally heading straight for you. But honestly.... I find you pound an enemy BB 100 times and you get only a modest amount of damage. I watch my shells and if they're not doing enough damage I alter my angle of fire or change to HE with IFHE.... but still the problem remains.

It's a very quirky little ship. It really is. And now that every man and his dog is running around with upgraded T8 Clevelands, they radar the crap out of you as well. I normally find I'm fighting against 2 -3 Clevelands in a single game. I use islands as cover so even when they light me up, I stay alive. But there's only so much I can do and the radar is yet another thing which crimps my attempt to smoke and deal damage.

C'est la vie.


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