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Replays as a learning tool

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Replays in themselves aren't learning tools.  Having the ability to analyse them and recall where the problems are and rectify them is the tool.

Watching other players matches can assist you as they often explain their strats, build and skills while they play.  You can adapt their techniques.   

WOT forums used to have a thread where players could upload videos and the community would assist them with tips.    


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6 hours ago, Double_Helix_DNA_1 said:

While watching replays, what exactly am I looking for if I am to make myself better at the game?

I would say that a “self-review” is always good to learn. When you watch the battle, you don’t have decisions to make, you are not under pressure. You can look what worked, what didn’t work, what you saw and reacted appropriate too, what you overlooked, where did you team member go etc etc.


For a general question, you can only expect general answers, so cannot say anything specific for your situation.


You can also watch replays of good players on Youtube, see what they do to succeed.

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I would also suggest checking out the players overall performance before seeing who did well in a particular match. I consider the gameplay of many unicum players too look unimpressive and questionable. It's only once you realize that they are playing a winning style that it becomes noteworthy.


A yolo rush can look impressive and earn you top xp. But once you see that the style is only netting the player 45% (or less) wr it doesn't look so good.

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Pro gamer's in starcraft 2  religiously watch replays of games they have lost to improve.  

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