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[hidden mechanic?] how to unleash baguetta quadruple gun!

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aye, look at this thread :


i wonder why my random aim behind island is hitting easily. so i am analyze a bit and FIND THE ANSWER.

if you think Normandie and Lyon Gun is innacurate and very easy to miss YOU ARE RIGHT! but there is a trick to make this innacurate quadruple gun hitting like a Yamato.  


if you look carefully, ship with 3x3 gun is VERY EASY to score a lot of hits and only few missed. Normandie and Lyon have PESKY Dispersion and BAD Sigma value, of course expect some innacurate gun. but some people still complain a lot about Republique 2x4 gun missed a lot. its actually have good dispersion and VERY HIGH SIGMA value. combined with FASTEST SHELL, HOW THE HECK its innacurate??




Gun Lay out 3x gun vs 4x gun


what this imply? as you can see, 3x gun even on bad RNG side can score hits atleast 1 easily. but not with the 4x gun, because the layout of the gun not allowing this to happen. combined with bad sigma value, Normandie and Lyon will become nightmare for not experienced gunner also this make republique suffer with only 8 gun. also Bretagne have higher Sigma value and the gun is only 2x turret.


if the Normandie, Lyon and Republique suffer from this problem, why Alsace and Richeliue not really suffer from this? the answer is LIES ON THEIR TURRET CONFIGURATION! Alsace and Richeliulululue have 2 gun on the bow/front of the ship! the 2 close turret in front will make the land of 4x gun more accurate than separated far gun lay out. i am just realize only Lyon have close turret in the ass but it cannt be helped because the angle when shooting is screwed. without further delay of bullsheet explanation, i will just tell how to exploit the turret lay out :


comparison (Normandie Based) :



well, this come WITH EXTREMELY HIGH RISK! enemy firing at you also get the same BONUS, thus make sure your target is unaware or you are ALREADY ANGLED when enemy shell arrive at your ship. REMEMBER! enemy is also manouvering so predict its angle and then adjust your angle before firing. the important point is how and timing the shell landed at enemy ship. if the enemy is bow to you, make sure your angle is a bit bow. if the example is based on normandie.... but, this also work on Republique and Lyon quadruple gun.



ah I AM FORGET TO MENTION IT! INSTALL NAVIGATOR MOD on aslain mod package (LEGAL) to make sure how many degree is your angle to enemy target! this also help you a lot when aiming.


look at the bottom left. its tell you the angle of the ship :V



download link :




i am already got banned 3 month because saying i am using aimbot, while actually use this mod.... HOWLING SHEET!


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I throw everything I got but RNG ain't mercy for me cause missed target

before then I never expected that biscuit make highest damage ever I played despite bad sigma and dispersion

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