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      WoWS Game Modifications Rules and Regulations   12/05/2017

      Dear Captains!   World of Warships has been popular with the modding community and the number of mods available today is quite significant. But our players have more and more questions concerning the safety of particular mods. This anouncement is designed to shed some light on the situation and put an end to any misunderstanding concerning what our players may and may not use. Popular mods are usually of the kind that deal with cosmetic and audio components of the game and are mostly harmless. However, some players and modders alike do have malicious intent for their use of mods, be it gaining a competitive advantage or even stealing data. Below you will find a classification of mods and programs, as well as the rules that we will apply to them and follow from now on. What is allowed Applications that stream gameplay or record it (for example: Nvidia ShadowPlay, Plays.tv, AMD Radeon ReLive, OBS Studio, Windows 10 Game DVR, Fraps). Voice/text chats with overlay (for example: Discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Evolve, Twitch Messenger). Visual mods that change the appearance of game objects without affecting the gameplay (to make sure the mod you want to use is allowed, please consult the appropriate thread on the official forums). Modifications to lighting, contrast and other visuals done through the graphics drivers' (Geforce Experience, AMD Radeon Crimson, Intel graphics drivers) built in tools, without modifying said drivers or applications that use them. Replacing/modifying audio files. Any mods that are approved by our team. You will be able to find those on our official forums in the Game Modifications Hub.
      This includes any and all mods compiled exclusively with our own modsAPI (special interface made by our developers for modding). You can find tutorials and use cases for it at: Game Modifications Hub mentioned in posts by our staff on the game's official portal are also allowed. “Applications and mods that affect or interact with scripts.zip file in any way”   Portal link: https://worldofwarships.asia/   What is forbidden and may lead to suspension/blocking of your account Any applications, mods or scripts that allow the execution of third party code, change the game's original files, dynamic libraries or inject into the game process. If you are not sure whether your preferred mod complies with all the rules, please consult the "modifications" thread on our official forums or simply refrain from using it. Applications and mods that help a player to aim in any way that is not already available in the game, that includes any predictive aiming mods. Bots or scripts that take any aspect of game controls from the player. Applications and mods that make otherwise unknown information available, except for those mentioned and approved on the official forums or portal. We understand that our players like some of the mods that go agains these principles, however, we do and always will prioritize fair play. Competition in World of Warhips should rely on skills and expertise and not on the ability to choose mods well.   Gray areas Since there are so many mods for our game at this point, we are sadly unable to guarantee that it will function correctly if players are using any of them. Furthermore, seemingly harmless modifications like ReShade, while being cosmetic in nature, work in a way that violates several rules at once (dynamic libraries substitution and control over the rendering process, which allow for an aimbot or a keylogger to be written into the code), therefore being similar to some forbidden mods, that allow those with malicious intent to gain a competitive advantage as well as steal your data in some cases. Taking all of the above into account, we recommend that you follow these guidelines if you plan to do any modifications to the game and of course use only approved mods, that our team has vetted and verified. And if you're unsure about any particular modification, simply refrain from using it. Any issues with the game, loss of account or personal data related to mod use will be the player's responsibility. If the used modifications lead to the player breaking our game rules we reserve the right to suspend or ban his or her account.
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      About script.zip files   12/11/2017

      Hello, friends!
      On Dec. 13 we will roll out the update.
      Starting with this patch, any and all modifications to the script.zip file will be forbidden. 
      I kindly ask you not to use this file in your compilations and standalone modifications anymore.
      On the same day (Dec. 13) we will publish an announcement from the development regarding “WoWS Game Modifications Rules and Regulations”.
      This measure is designed to fight modifications that give a tangible advantage to the players who use them over others, who do not. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/announcement/28-wows-game-modifications-rules-and-regulations/
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[] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

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Updated July 25th, 2018 for Version


I didn't think I would ever tackle a user interface mod when I started doing anime ship skins.  But I thought I was ready for a new challenge after making dozens of skins, and an Azur Lane-themed enchant appealed to me.  The collaboration announcement was perfect timing, as I was already hip-deep in the development of the mod.  This is by no means a completed mod.  There are several areas I'd like to do more work on, but I wanted to release the first version when 7.5 hit the live servers.  I'd also like to see what type of reception the mod gets.  This will require maintenance going forward, and it just wouldn't be worth the effort unless this mod somehow catches fire and becomes popular.  I'll hope for the best on that point.

As of I've split the download into two files.  One for the login videos (which you should only have to download once), and one for the core mod, which I will continue to update.

Login Videos Download:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/kdis1sg8m5xiil5/CR_AzurLaneLoginVids.zip/file

Core Mod Download Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/file/s9bhhdt49mx6pmp/CR_AzurLaneEnchant.zip/file

**  Make sure to unzip the file directly to the res_mods\ directory


Some thanks go out to the following people for their help.

Juesty Tylor (Discord user Juesty_Tylor#0368) from the EU server for his help with beta testing this mod.  He also contributed some of the screenshots below.

Kochiya Sanae (Discord user Kochiya_Sanae_2016#0727) for converting the Azur Lane Youtube videos into game format for use in the custom login videos.  You can see the original videos posted on his Youtube channel, where he's always testing out anime mods in World of Warships:

Finally my thanks go out to the wiki staff that maintains the Azur Lane English Wiki.  If it wasn't for that team and its superb maintenance of that site I would not have had the material I needed to construct a mod of this detail.  Most of the icons and character portraits within this mod are taken directly from this site.  My hat's off to that entire team.


And now, the mod itself.


Custom login / game loading screens

The splash screen, like your standard client pulls from one of several landscape graphics during initial loading, followed by one of several video possibilities.










Custom Dockyard Graphics

  • Various ship module upgrades (Hull, main guns, fire control, etc...)
  • Consumables
  • Ship Upgrades
  • All emblems, patches and insignias have been given the anime treatment, with emblems being the new edition for the release.
  • Reward Crates
  • US, UK, and Pan-Asia Tech Tree preview icons
  • Female commander icons (portraits will not conflict with the new Azur Lane commanders for 7.5)
  • Commander Skill Tree













Modified new event content for each patch starting with the 7.5 release

  • Custom event graphics for the daily and weekly tasks (All weekly tasks have now been modified with the update)
  • Modified new collection graphics
  • Custom graphics for Halsey's new campaign, starring Sarah from 'Kantai Collection'
  • All 4 permanent campaigns have now been modified (New with the update)
  • Sharks vs. Eagles event for has been modified with new event screens and graphics.













Map Loading Screens

While this mod is very much Azur Lane, I used the map loading screens as an opportunity to showcase the anime ship skins I've done to this point.  For those that have followed my work, they know I draw upon several sources of anime.  Chief among them are:

  • Azur Lane
  • Kantai Collection
  • Girls Frontline
  • Various Anime Series









Battle HUD & Post-Battle Screen

  • Modified spotted status (Ship, Planes, Radar/Hydro)
  • Cyclone Warning
  • Battle Ribbons









That's all for now.  Let me know what you think.  I'll take all the feedback into account going forward.

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31 posts
248 battles

The service_lib.swf file has been modified to be compatible with  There is also a host of new content.  Weekly Tasks, insignias, and all 4 permanent campaigns have been given the anime treatment.  Enjoy and I'll see you next update.

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