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How do I buy Asashio

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When she is on sale, here:


Alternatively, click "premium shop" in the Port screen.

You missed the last sale,  have to wait for the next one.

Asashio’s have fired torps at me driving destroyer or cruiser in at least two matches. Can it be some players do not realize Asashio’s torps can only hit BBs or CVs?

I also found her a rather weak opponent in a gunfight.

She is fairly slow and unable to run away from most DD’s, even cruisers can stay on her tail.

Her concealment is good though, generally, the Asashio’s spotted me before I spotted them. Asashio would do well at spotting for the team, because of good concealment.

In the matches where I got spotted Asashio’s, I spotted them a few seconds later. They smoked and I was un-spotted. In both matches I happened to be in a DD with hydro, so I closed the short gap between spotting and hydro range, flipped hydro switch and the team or myself finished them.

Without having played her, I see a problem. A skilful  player in Asashio facing a team with several BB’s that sail in straight lines may do huge amounts of damage, even kills. However, even a skilful player will struggle to defend of contest caps against anything but BB’s. So in spite of huge amounts of damage, in the end, the team may still lose.

IMHO, Asashio is over specialised.

Have you considered the LoYang? Also a T8 premium, but much more “rounded”.

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