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Which of the Unique Commanders are worth getting ?

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HI everyone

Just wanting to get a handle on which commander is useful and for which ship type?

I am kind of new so appreciate any input.


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You mean the bundle that they are selling ?

In my opinion, 2 that "worth" to get is  France and British bundel

-the France guy have have improve version of adrenaline rush, while that not much difference compare with the normal one, it quite useful for both of l cruiser and BB lines (probably one of most popular tier 2 skill?),  Master Marksman is good if you want but not really matter.

-The British captain is quite value no matter where you out him, his master marksman good for RNBB (since they turret traverse is Japan tier.......slow),  Handyman and Smoke Screen Master quite good on CL line (and may be forup coming RN DD line)

Other captain  good but not really because they skill but because they are 10pt captain , those skill bouns is nice to have if you want 


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I bought french  american and british. 

Already have their brothers maxed out. But these 3 are most useful imo.

American put on montana and des moines.

French on republic and henri. 

British on conqueror and minotaur. 


Russian captain didnt buy but have 1, not sure what to do with it yet. 

German captain have it unlocked, i dont fit vigilence into my builds so i dont see how useful this captain is for me. Maybe put it on a BB for faster turret traverse. 




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