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Anti submarine warfare

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Leigh Light
With the success of Sonar's equipment and the subsequent integration of the sonar system with tail lights on the warships that have achieved great success. But not stopping there, the British again raised the idea of integrating this equipment into the hunting aircraft.
The submarine-detecting equipment in the aircraft can detect U-boat on a large area, but a plane attack was only successful when it had sighted. In nigh the U-boat is emerging to recharge the battery and air, if aircraft detecting them U-Boat is often quite safe when it escapes in night. 
To solve this problem the British engineer created Leigh Light

Applied since June 1942, this is also an important factor in the war in the North Atlantic. It is a powerful flashlight that is automatically connected to the aircraft's radar to illuminate the target in the final stages of an attack. This new technology allows the aircraft to attack the U-boat when it emerges to charge the battery at night, and it forces the German submarine to charge for daytime charging.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: bầu trời, ngoài trời, nước và thiên nhiên

The U-boat commanders - who have survived the attack, reported to their commanders about the harm of this device. Often, the sound of an aircraft is often unnoticed at night by the noise from the submarine itself. Moreover, Allied planes used radar centimetric radars, which the German U-boat was not able to detect.

When centimetric radars are used, their equipment automatically frees up radar frequencies until it reaches the submarines, making it impossible for the U-boat to detect that it is being tracked. When the planes arrive at a distance of one mile, the lights will automatically turn on, in a very timely manner and will accurately indicate the targets at sea with intense flashes of light. The submarine has only a five-second warning period before it receives a series of DC.

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We don't

On 5/23/2018 at 9:22 AM, MatterCore said:

we need submarines :fish_aqua:


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