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Steam + games + mods

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I play WoWS though steam, i'm not sure if its good or not but it works really well.  Does WG plan on adding WoTs or even WoWPs to Steam?


I've noticed that they now have an official modding policy for WoWS and i say that's awesome but if i go and download Aslains mod pack will it work on the steam version and is there any chance that steam will get a workshop for WoWS?

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I don't know if Aslains mods will work with steam. What I do know is how to apply mods to a steam install, so I will impart that knowledge.

Mods work the same way in a steam install the only real difference being the locations of files. In steam the mods folder is located at 

World of Warships/bin/[*steam version number]/res_mods

*the correct steam version number will be the folder with the highest numerical value name in the bin folder. New updates will add a new folder with a higher numerical value.


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