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Possible Ships/Ship Classes Discussion

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This is a thread I made to consider the possible ships and/or ship classes that are yet to be added to World of Warships. Note that the majority of these are premiums with some exceptions.

I will link the articles as I do not have that much of an expertise in warships, so anyone can take a look at my reference and see which tiers these ships truly belonged to.


Agano-class light cruiser (Tier 5/6 premium? They have 2x3 152mm guns,  4x2 centerline mounted torpedo tubes that can launch 610mm Type 93 Torpedoes, two twin 25mm Type 96 AA cannons, and two twin 13mm AA cannons. So basically it's like what the C-Hull Furutaka (or w/e the final hull with the 3x2 arrangment of artillery instead of the 1x6 pyramid arrangement is lettered) if it loses artillery armament in favor of powerful torpedoes.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agano-class_cruiser.


Ise-class aviation battleship (Tier 4/5 premium, as in this configuration they had their two aft turrets removed to facilitate catapults).  Likely to be equal to the uncertainly-fated Tone-class heavy cruisers where they can launch an unprecedentedly large number of aircraft (instead of the usual 2/3 charges of the catapult fighter/spotter aircraft, they get six charges of each, and they can launch both a catapult fighter and a spotter aircraft simultaneously).

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ise-class_battleship


Tone-class heavy cruiser: Whatever happened to this aviation heavy cruiser? Why haven't we seen more of her yet? Using the bonuses/mechanics I described briefly in the Ise-class above could work.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tone-class_cruiser


Matsu-class destroyer (Tier 8 premium, as it's basically an AA destroyer with a rather lacking torpedo armament of only 1x4 610mm torpedo tubes). They are armed with three 127mm L/40 Type 89 twin guns (yes, the dual-purpose guns you see on the mid-tier IJN battleships and carriers) in a 1x1 and 1x2 configuration, 24 Type 96 25mm AA guns (4 triple mounts and 12 single mounts, with a later sister ship having 39 Type 96 25mm AA guns in 4 triple mounts and 27 single mounts) and a quad torpedo launcher. This ship should get Defensive Fire (like the American destroyers starting from the C-Hull Farragut and the B-Hull Nicholas if my memory serves me correctly) with the option to swap to Torpedo Reload Booster.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matsu-class_destroyer



VMF/Soviet Navy/Imperial Russian Navy

Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleships (Tier 9 premium (free EXP that is), as it is a massive battleship (the size of the Yamato/Montana) but with a weaker main armament of only 9 305mm guns (in 3 triple turrets in a similar configuration to Italy's Littorio-class battleship (which is already in-game with the supermodel-of-a-battleship Roma), a secondary armament of 6 twin 152mm guns (three on each side if my calculations are correct as this number is most often split in between the port/starboard sides), 6 twin 100mm dual-purpose guns (again, 3 on each side of the ship, or maybe two in centerline able to fire to either side and the rest in port/starboard halves of the superstructure), and 10 quad 37mm 61-K AA guns). Pretty heavily armed and armored ( the specs for the waterline belt are up to 420mm thick of armor), it is basically the Soviet take on the Musashi.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovetsky_Soyuz-class_battleship#Sovetsky_Soyuz


Novorossysk (Tier 5 premium)-> The Guilio Cesare after her ceding as war reparations to the USSR. My take is that she is in the configuration she was intended to have before her untimely mine-induced sinking and subsequent scrapping, which is having ten 305mm guns (yes, the same guns on the Oktabrskaya Revolutsiya) in her default configuration as seen on the T5 Italian battleship and Soviet-standard AA (18 37mm 70-K guns, in six twin mounts and six single mounts).

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_battleship_Giulio_Cesare#Soviet_service




Regia Marina/Royal Italian Navy

(Theres a lot of potential premiums on this faction, so here's only a few of them):

Zara-class heavy cruiser (Unknown tier, but possible 6/7 as it is an interwar ship),  armed with 2x4 203mm guns in a superfiring fore-aft configuration, eight twin 100mm/47 caliber dual-purpose guns, and AA armament consisting of 14 Breda model 35 20mm guns (six twin mounts and two single mounts) and four dual-mounted 13.2mm Breda mod.31 heavy machine guns. All four ships of this class were lost due to night action with three battleships of the Queen Elizabeth class, one of them the legendary Warspite.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zara-class_cruiser


Turbine-class destroyer (since Italy has no destroyers of the sort, this one could be tier 4/5 premium considering armament), a class of eight inter-war destroyers armed with 2 twin 120mm gun mounts (kinda like the Clemson except it only has two of them and they are all centerline-mounted), 2 40mm pom-poms, 2 13.2mm Breda mod 31 heavy MGs, and 2 triple centerline-mounted 533mm torpedo tubes.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbine-class_destroyer


Andrea-Doria class battleship (the first configuration is likely Tier 5 as it is from the same generation and looks kinda like the RN Iron Duke-class, the reconstruction is possibly the same tier given their similar configuration to the existing Guilio Cesare): Two configurations exist for this battleship, with the first (as constructed being):

  1. 3 triple and 2 twin 305mm guns, with an A-B-Q-X-Y configuration as seen on the Iron Duke/Orion/Konig/New York classes of battleships.
  2.  16 152mm casemate-mounted guns (8 on each side)

Or the second configuration:

  1. 2 triple and 2 twin 320mm guns, in A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration (no centerline Q turret)
  2. 4 triple 135mm/45 guns
  3. 10x 90mm AA guns (naval version of the Breda 90/53, famous heavy AA gun that was basically the Italian FlaK 88)- the Breda 90/50
  4. 6 twin mount and 3 single 37/54 37mm Breda AA guns
  5. 8x2 Breda 20mm AA guns.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Doria-class_battleship


Aircraft carrier Aquila (Unknown tier, as it confuses me): Similar to the GZ, Aquila was never completed and was scrapped after the war (instead of sunk as a target like her German compadre). Unlike the GZ, the Aquila started life as an ocean liner. Armament consisted of 8 135mm /45 guns, 12 65mm/64 guns, and up to 132 20mm Breda mod 35 AA cannon.

Carried 51 aircraft, (numbered up to 66 if the never-done folding-wing conversion of the planes were implemented i.e what could have been) mostly Regginae Re.2001  (a contemporary of the highly famed MC202 Folgore with the same DB601 engine, same armament and armament configuration) in the fighter-bomber role converted to carrier use. I'm no expert on how the aircraft should be distributed (reserve/squad size/number of squads/aircraft tiering) so if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_aircraft_carrier_Aquila




French Navy:

Aircraft carrier Bearn (Tier 5 due to it's outdated aircraft, old age, and really small reserves): Two configurations exist for the sole French Navy CV of WWII:

First configuration (as originally built)

  1. 8x155mm/50 mle 1920 (the same main guns on the Duguay-Trouin)
  2. 14 75mm mle 1924 AA guns (6 original, 8 added in 1935)
  3. 16x 13.2mm Hotchkiss M1929 heavy machine guns

Second configuration (after 1944 refit): 

  1. 4 single-mount 127mm/38 dual-purpose guns (the same guns you see on the USS Atlanta, only in a single mount)
  2. six quad-mounted Bofors 40mm AA guns
  3. 26 single-mount Oerlikon 20mm AA guns

Both carry the same complement of aircraft (this is from the 1939 data): 10 D.373 fighters and 10 Levasseur PL.7 biplane torpedo bombers (no dive bombers), total reserves of 35-40 aircraft.

Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_aircraft_carrier_Béarn#Aircraft_and_armament

I will terminate here as it's getting late now, but I'll continue with the rest of the navies tommorow.









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