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Challenge : watch this video without cry or tears, WoWs most emotional video!

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:cap_popcorn: what are you waiting for?




! most tear jeking video...., noob wont understant this video et all.

btw, dont spoil the whole story alright :cap_like:


its time to sell ALSACE!

also, if WG really implement the T10 special upgrade.... 16 sec reload 431mm when HP 50%... oh gad! instead giving it helicopter, WG give it machine gun :V


dear WG, if T10 special upgrade is implemented.

resell Paris camo with additional long blue shell tracer + T10 Republique -18% reload module + special french captain for them who not obtain him yet......

and premium consummable helicopter only for republique, sell for ony 5 doubloon each :V


also just sell republique directly at premium shop for $100, so noob player wont cry when reaching bretagne and normandie.....




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