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Recommend an anime/manga/LN/VN

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Well ! I have old idea :fish_book:
Share Anime/manga/LN/VN you like :cap_haloween:
Anyway, a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Be sure to leave the name of...whatever you're recommending and in what format it's available (anime/manga/LN etc)
  2. A short description of whatever it is you're recommending and where to find it is highly appreciated!
  3. No hentai
  4. Have fun! :cap_like:

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i don't know if share the anime or the light novel break any rules of the forum. But i just checked and didn't find any violation about it.^^hope it's will be okay...


Actually i'm an anime lover and i want to share with you my favorite anime movie that i like most! 

That is: "Bakemono no ko"

In english name: "The boy and the beast"

Storyline :

It's a story of the kid-"kyuta" who lost his mom. He was very sad, after saw the indifference of his relatives, he decided to leave the house....In that night, right on the street, he met a bakemono name "kumatetsu"-and kumatetsu take him as disciple. And kyuta go to the bakemono world. That's when the story begin! 

The picture of the movie:


                ( very cool right?)

The movie is very meaningful. The meaning of life; the story of kyuta helping his master Kutatetsu and himself to met his real father. The true story of anime i look for a long time

oh if i tell you all about the movie, i can say more than a day. In my opinion i rated this movie 9.8/10

YOU MUST WATCH THAT MOVIE XD And It's same director from the movie "Summer war" and" Childen of the wolf" too!

Hope you enjoy~~


There is one last thing i want to share you, i have watched a lot of anime and i found only "Anime Movie" and "Old Anime Series" give you the most feeling you always wanted, never reget one you find a good one. of couse these is some "bad" ones, but if you don't like them, don't mind about it!

movie anime always getting more prepair than the TV series , they have long story, and director can give their true love,insiration into  the movie that TV series never can get ( anime tv series usually getting pressure about the time and money production so how the quality can match with the movie?)  that maybe the reason why ghibli films are mostly movies and always get the oscar 

Of couse not all TV series are bad , there are plenty of them which i consider "Super Awesome" like FMA or Cowboybebop, but they are from the past, from the time when they still have the  true "fire" inspiration from the artist and director ."Golden time" in 90s Japanese anime

Not all "isekai anime "like today, all of them are boring and have the same storyline. I just feel a little sad. Hope anime can be back the glory days it used to be


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The cockpit, one of my fav Anime about WW2. Even though it's an old Anime (1994) The story and the morale from the Anime was very good, reccomended to see. I have my fav ep on my channel, i edited it so American will spoke English and Japanese spoke Japan. :Smile_coin:



And there was also Zipang.

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Just now, Letung11 said:

Manga : Drifters


Forgot to mention the story, kinda like a isekai ( go to another world ) story line, tell about a samurai teleport with a bunch of other from many other timeline to another world to fight jesus himself( maybe ?) 

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I have a rather obscure one to share with: Konpeki no Kantai

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konpeki_no_Kantai (that's the wikipedia article).


This is an alternate history/semi-sci-fi Japanese animated series where Yamamoto survives his 1943 plane crash/shoot-down, and wakes up aboard the IJN Nisshin in 1905, at the twilight of the Russo-Japanese War. Armed with future knowledge, he sets forth to stop Imperial Japan from the mistakes it made, starting from Pearl Harbor. 


Unfortunately, due to the sheer obscurity of the series and my general lack of interest in anime (apart from a few) I cannot share the links to the episodes, and even the episodes themselves are in Japanese with no translation/subbing/dubbing available.

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