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CONNECT ISSUES - teamkill penalty

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Never been in a forum before - so be gentle with me. I'm not even sure how I will get back to this to see if anyone responds - I'll just how to see how I go. Apologies in advance to anyone that does respond and I don't get back to you - it will mean that i can't find my way back to this thing.

I hope I got the tag thing right up above.

For the last week or so I have been having intermittent problems when trying to play a battle.

When loading,  the game keeps going back to the CONNECT button, I click on CONNECT and nothing happens other than the button becoming "greyed out". Thn it goes back to the CONNECT button, I click on the button and nothing happens other than..........you get my drift.

This goes on and on until eventually the screen goes back to the Port, the battle is over and I've got a  3 battle teamkill penalty for unsporting behaviour.

I then try to start a new battle and the same happens except at some stage on the CONNECT screen merry go round a message appears stating the server is unavailable and to try again later. I get out the game for anything from a couple of hours or even until then next day and I find I have a 15 battle teamkill penalty for leaving the battle (I didn't even get into the battle!) 

The help topics are pretty hopeless - I haven't loaded into mods into the game - I have neither the computer literacy nor the interest. I have no idea  what it is they want me to send to report the error - computer illiterate.The problem doesn't happen all the time,, I haven't loaded anything new onto the computer or changed any settings. It  is the same antivirus program I have had for years. The problem re CONNECT used to happen rarely over the last couple of years but i have never had the teamkill penalty before and it us happening much more often - but not all the time, sometimes it will run for 2 or 3 days with no problem and then CONNECT CONNECT CONNECT etc.

Is there a simple solution?

Thank you






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Hi There, 

This is a case of either your Computer / Internet Provider causing the issue. The System is registering that you are going in to the game, but the application or some other subsystem is then not displaying. 

I would do the following - 
1. Run a Repair / Check on Wows from within the Control Center
2. If this doesn't repair the game, check firewalls, drivers (Graphics and other) and all other components. 
3. Check your internet connection to the WoW's server. 

If these things all appear to be okay and your still having the problem, I would seriously consider rebuild time on your PC

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