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what commander skills to choose on Russian cruisers?

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hello everyone!
i've got a 10-skill commander from missions, and i want to know what commander skill shall i train on him ?
any tips will be much appreciated, thanks:)

also, below i'm attaching a pic which is showing that  i've mistakenly chosen so many wrong skills on my existing russian cruiser commander, so is there any way to reset it without using doubloons ? 





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Russian cruisers have 155 mm - 180 mm guns pretty much from mid tier till T9. Only Moskva has the 220mm guns. So in order to deal raw damage with HE, IFHE skill is a must (which you seem to have specked). My picks till DM Donskoi will be - Priority Target, Faster Turret Traverse, Demolition Expert, IFHE for the 1st 10 points. After that you can go for Concealment and Adrenaline Rush for the next 6 points. For the last 3 points you can choose Vigilance (not much recommended as Russian cruisers barely move up to the cap and experience torp threat) or the skill which gives you one extra charge of all consumables (Survibability Expert?). Also, you can choose to use AFT instead of Concealment depending on your play style, if you want to boost your AA. 

For Moskva everything will remain the same except you need to speck out of IFHE. So its recommended you go Concealment 1st and then speck into AFT once you get the Moskva. So the order of allocation can be - 

Priority Target

Faster Turret Traverse

Demolition Expert

IFHE (After reaching Moskva, speck into AFT)

Adrenaline Rush


Survibability Expert 


If you have enough elite commander XP, you can use that to do a re-speck instead of doubloons. But it seems your elite commander xp is zero. So no other way. You can wait for the next clan battle season however where you will be allowed to re-speck all your commanders for free. 

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