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Some input for Admiral Skill

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Read some post, the skill selection in Admiral skill was questioned whether it supposed to be the human experience gained skill or technological module. Every Admiral/Captain came from different background, so here some input for admiral skill that not breaking immersion ... I think. :Smile-_tongue:

Pre-Admiral/Captain/Commander assignment :
1. Helm Officer : Reduce Rudder time, Reduce chance rudder's incapacitate, Reduce time to fix incapacitated Rudder.
2. Engineer Officer : Reduce time for Full Speed, Reduce time to Full Stop, Reduce time to fix incapacitated Engine.
3. Gunner Officer : Reduce Cannons traverse speed, Reduce Reloading time, Reduce time to fix incapacitated Cannons.
4. Navigation Officer : Better concealment, Better detection range, Reduce penalty time (getting shot) on capturing.
5. Deck Officer : Reduce time to put off fire status & leaked status. Better AA Damage, Range & Survival Rate. Better 2nd Cannons Range & Accuracy.
6. Administrative Officer : Better reward of Credits, XP & Free XP. Reduce ship post-battle repairing cost. Discount on buying modules with credits after the Admiral assigned to the selected ship.

You can divided into two parts. Basically for some officer with 3 skills description, take one as basic then the remaining two for latter skill mastery.
1. Helm Officer - Helm Master
2. Engineer Officer - Chief Engineer
3. Gunner Officer - Master Gunner
4. Navigation Officer - Tactical Commander
5. Deck Officer - Master Chief
6. Administrative Officer - Staff Officer (Basically they are the Navy General's Dog, have some political power to draw more resource or cut some cost)

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