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Detectio range glitch and bug

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I am not sure how to term this, but playing a lot of DD, I've notice a bug that's pretty consistent and seems to be around all times. Not tie in to any particular ships, but its the not working detection range difference. I've time and time find myself being detected ( the yellow warning appear ) and I cannot see the enemy DD and this is on open water with no other element involved where I find that my DD's concealment is better and had detection range advantage, the result though still is that I am detected, and of course then fired upon, and only after a while ( usually when the enemy DD close in and into my own ( being detected ) detection range.

Should not a DD with better concealment suppose to detect the enemy DD first instead. I wonder if the detection range mechanism had some delay or something but this happen more than being often to let me to report this. And its happening with many different map and scenarios whether both DD are sailing parallel or in an angle or head on. Sometime even when the are sailing apart.

I've found my 5.8KM concealment IJN DD detected by Soviet DD of 7KM concealment and I cannot see them , not until he / she came into my 5.8KM zone ... I am highly critical of this as certain play and certain ship depend on concealment to stay alive and play and this is not proving working

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