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Best Destroyer line for contesting capture points.

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I am currently grinding the Soviet DD line, one thing I have found is that they are not good at capturing and contesting points. I found that out the hard way, by getting 2,000 damage games A LOT ????! Finally learnt their true purpose in the game, still enjoy their play style though. Now what I'm looking for is a DD line that is the best at contesting and capturing points and engaging in close range brawls with other DD's in the capture circle and coming out on top. I really think I will enjoy that play style.

Any suggestions?

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USN DDs are literally the trademark for cap bullies. They are the dpm lords of destroyer lines. You won't have the best concealment, but you have insane AA for DDs, best smoke screen, best gunpower and better torps than IJN. Up to tier 7, you may not rely on torpedo damage for USN DDs, but from tier 7 and upwards, torpedoes become one of your main source of damage too. Especially due to the fact that USN DD torps are stealthier than IJN DDs.

Now, PA DDs are sort of same as USN DDs for high tiers, but they lack the ability to torp another DD, which is kinda disadvantageous for cap contest, since you cannot flush out enemy DD from smoke with torps. However, from T8+, they can equip RADAR instead of smoke. Which, with team's backup, will win any cap any time. But when you are alone, not so much.

KM DDs are quite good for cap contesting too, cause you have hydro, and the Z-52 is one of the best cap contester DD right now in the game. They can spam torpedoes with short cooldown, but their guns rely on your ability to switch between AP and HE effectively, and almost non existent smoke duration can only be used for defensive escape or ambush.

IJN DDs have the best concealment in the game tier for tier. Most of them lack the firepower like other nations, but they are excellent spotters. With teams help, you can always push enemy DDs away. But IJN DDs require a lot more skill and experience in other DD classes first.

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