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Anyone getting excited about the new Halsey campaign?

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Definitely~ more missions to grind for & I wonder if we are getting 2x SCs for completing each final mission like Yamamoto's, going to put Halsey on my Worcester to enhance the pew-pew-pew experience! :cap_win:

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Halsey's special traits don't seem geared towards any one specific class, unfortunately. No matter what ship he's in there's going to be at least one talent that will be of questionable use.

-10% Concealment with each Double Strike. This would be very handy for a radar Cruiser, but these ships will rarely ever see any Double Strikes. The other three talents are all good for Cruisers, though.

Destroyers can make good use of Double Strike~Concealment and Confederate~Reload but will have no use for Expert Marksman nor Expert Loader.

Battleships will love Expert Marksman and Confederate~Reload, and could possibly make use of Expert Loader, but like the Cruisers Double Strikes will be exceedingly rare and a largely wasted talent.

Carriers, well, uh...

It's a tough choice on what ship I'll put him on, but I'm pretty sure it won't be my Ranger.

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