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its time to stop call sharkbait.....

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and this is the real Greyshark



its true that its have same CV CV CV related...... but its obvious greyshark  is not sharkbait

still not see the difference?


join date 

Sharkbait : jan 2016

Greyshark : okt 2016



Sharkbait : NA

Greyshark : SEA



Sharkbait : wiki editor... doing good stuff

Greyshark : using RDF cheat, AFK read manga or watch anime or creating usefull thread, intended team kill for fun, chat abuse, misleading newbie player advice, lie, ever got banned for 3 month..... attempt to try violate every EULA


actual main ship

Sharkbait : its look like CV

Greyshark : Daddy Dandy.....


see the difference? sharkbait =/= greyshark



btw, tomorrow is monday..... 


monday is abbreviation of monster day. there is story why most people hate monday.... monday is when disaster come for worker, after the sweet weekend end. when your last week task isnt complete AND YOU FORGET IT..... and instead of working it right away, you make it even more chaos by typing useless word and post it into random forum.


ah dont worry, as long as you infinite supply of "kafein".... sleep is only for noob


 its only waste 22 min anyway and you can blame someone else for tomorrow disaster. i am so frickin geniusses


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3 hours ago, AntifoulAwl said:

I build many boats. They don't call me a boat builder.

Buy I meet one goat, and what do they call me?

A Goat meeterer?

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