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Always Disconnected

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I don't know is only for me or the game.

Just in this weeks, I was disconnected at least ten times during the battle. It never happened at anytime during my captain career but this week. The internet performance was just brilliant at most of the time in the battle. But suddenly the pin drop from around 100 to -35 (which we all know is called disconnect) . It disconnect around 10 seconds and turn back to normal 100 pin again. 10 seconds may not be a serious issue at some stage but it always disconnect when I decide to ram or attack somebody in a very close range.  It really annoyed me cause is just an inch to sink a ship and turn the whole battle around. 

Is hard to show you the replay cause is always -35ms in the replay. Can you find out anything that may cause this issue happened?

Thank you so much.

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i'm experienced this issue since they update to, before that update my ping stable at 35ms.

but after they update to suddenly after 1 or 2 minutes battle my ping drop from 35ms to -35ms then back to login screen.

(back to login screen 3-5 times in a battle) this is no hope, sometimes my ship exploded because this issue.

i have send GM my tickets, but none of GM's suggestion works. 

i think i'll quit from this game soon, too bad.

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