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Lonesome Space Battle as the silent of space should be.

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Want to try CV Space Battle ... good luck waiting for it.
Want to rush finish Space Battle Quest ... good luck finding matches if not in Asia busy gaming hours. (>6000 online players = Busy, <5000 = quiet hours)
I do understand why it won't be bothered by most players, as playing space battle doesn't have purpose at all but new atmosphere after tired of hundred or thousand hours in sea battle.
But after probably 10 or so, why bother anymore ? Cuz this mode don't have a significant incentive to the players to keep populating the match making.

There's no progression in here, only Tier 7 and that's it. The "DARK SEA" quite confusing to targeting enemy, pure skill killing the mood of less skilled players.
So if you still care about this mode, there's only 1 suggestion ... that is to give an incentive to players. Which in my opinion, is able to convert the XP to in-game credits (not doubloon ofc).
The rate is up to you, but probably the accepting rating would be plus 50%. What it's mean ?

It's up to WG whether the rewards credits is +50% than in normal battle OR the ship XP can be converted to credits.
Let say per game, a players can gather 100.000 credits & 1000xp, so ONLY Space Ship XP can be converted to credits at 50:1 rate.
In the example case, 50 x 1000xp = 50.000 credits. So per game players can gather 150.000.
With this suggestion, I hope players would try to spent more time in space battle when they need muneys to upgrade their Sea Ship.

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Is a april fool event...why take it so hard........... 

Plus the map lightning do affects some player's vision in longtime run (i got turned off after 5 matches)

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