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Which part of destroyer generates smoke?

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Warships have sometimes used a simple variation of the smoke generator, by injecting fuel oil directly into the smoke stack. An even simpler method that was used in the days of steam-propelled warships was to restrict the supply of air to the boiler. This resulted in incomplete combustion of the coal or oil, which produced a thick black smoke. Because the smoke was black, it absorbed heat from the sun and tended to rise above the water. Therefore, navies turned to various chemicals, such as titanium tetrachloride, that produce a white, low-lying cloud.


-copied from wikipedia


In short is around the funnels area

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Which part generates smoke?

It all depends-

Sometimes the cooks burn the food, so it comes from the galley,

When the lieutenant gets angry, it comes out of his ears. 

And when the ranks are on leave, it may come from their loins.



But if you're not looking for a troll answer - All vessels make smoke 

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Most Navy use crude technique, which  heavy oil pumped directly into the engines combustion chambers and created huge columns of thick, black and toxic smoke that poured out of the ship's smoke stacks. , there many problems however. Hundreds of gallons of heavy oil were necessary to create a wall of smoke less than a km long, and the smoke cloud that was created was lighter than air and dissipated quickly. 

that above technique named smudge pot systems. 

there also other rarely used technique involving chemical compound, which released using gas grenade. the "smoke" is not realy smoke as it not a smoke at all--not being the product of combustion--but was instead a chemical gas. this use mainly phosporus therefore very toxic to human, and expensive to produce


However, American WW2 smoke is tad bit diffrent

If you know a bit about history of America, there is an era where Alcohol were prohibitated. a man named Alonzo Patterson were a Rum smugler , a well known and highly successful rum runner nicknamed "Smoky" by the US federal agents. this was because his fleet of smugling ships used thick smoke to foil goverment persuit.

Goverment realizing war is close and how effective petterson smoke was in action, contact him and asked him to refine his technology for military use.

Patterson with his chemist friend  Harold Levy and Andrew Higgins the one that made the apparatus. refined the formula and the smoke production system within couple months

The Patterson mechanical smoke generator used the exhaust of an internal combustion engine as a heating heating chamber where atomized fog oil would be injected into for vaporization. The ejection of the vapor was accomplished by the movement of hot exhaust through the air chamber seperate from ship smoke stack. Thus in a way its more of a Vapor rather than smoke.

The smoke screen or cloud produced. by this method, develops a density and opacity greater than the heaviest known natural fog. Objects less than 1 meter within the smoke screen were completely hidden from view. It was denser and could be produced faster than any smokescreen ever created.
The Patterson smoke screen system had another great advantage over all previous smokescreens: as it was virtually harmless to troops.


 His invention was to become the first effective large area smoke screen in the history of warfare, and every military smoke screen technology from WWII to the present day would be firmly based on his revolutionary methods.


And Thats prob why US have best smoke in game, 




another piece of Trivia, were Patterson smoke generator beat another entry by famous scientist employed by Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD). the scientist were Thomas Eddison

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