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Public Test 0.7.4

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Session #1: April 13, 2018 [00:30 UTC+8] - April 16, 2018 [21:00 UTC+8]

Session #2 April 19, 2018 [00:30 UTC+8] - April 23, 2018 [21:00 UTC+8]


General Public Test Information:

  • Do I need a new account?
    • No
  • Is in-gam,e chat going to be open?
    • No
  • Will my Public Test account be wiped?
    • Yes
  • Is there a limit for how many players can participate in Public Test?
    • Server Capacity: 8000 Players
  • Where can I download the Public Test Client?
  • Will the Public Test Client update?
    • Yes, expected download size is 800 GB.

Main Attractions:

Open the new season of Ranked Battles and try updated Matchmaker system



Final version quality check before release to production

Feedback on:

  • Overall quality & stability
  • MatchMaker Improvements & SSE Improvements
  • Ranked Season
  • Anti-Abuse system


Session #1 and Session #2 Assets:

  • Tier 7,8 ships will be invoiced to all players at the start of the test with crew (15 skill points)
  • Research prices for ships (8+ tiers) will be discounted so players will be able to reach 10 tier ships rather fast
  • Research prices for modules for ships will be discounted
  • 15th Account Level will be given to all the players for the first login
  • Premium account for 14 days will be given to all the players for the first login
  • 500 000 000 credits (enough to get anything at the game)
  • 30 000 doubloons for everyone to have an ability to retrain commanders
  • Bunch of signal flags - 10 of each signals flag (expect the "Dragon" signal)
  • Ability to respec captains 1 gold = 1 skill point crew


Live Server rewards for Session #1 and Session#2:



Reward (live server)

Play 1 battle on Public Test in Random / Cooperative Battles

3 signal flags of each type

Play 3 battles on Public Test in Random in a Division

10 "Type 6" camouflages

Earn 8 000 XP on Public Test in Random, Ranked

1 day of premium time

Play 1 battle in Sea Wolf League in Ranked

5 of each special signal flags

Rewards will be delivered via a bonus code uploaded to the personalized bonus code page on each regional portal and an email notification will be sent to the e-mail address player's PT account is registered on, on the week of 0.7.4 patch release. Please note that only players with PT account registered to the same e-mail as their production account will receive the code. Only one code per account is applicable.


Feedback thread:



Enjoy yourselves guys!!! Let us hear from you on what you think. 

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