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Suggestions About CV System Design

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Hi,I'm a experienced player in wows,thank you for giving me a joying time.After finished a lot of games,there are some suggestions maybe good at CV system.

1.Restore the flight level as before,it is unfair to limit players not to use high performance force to against opponent while others may have.Some players have to put up with low damage,low hp and low speed during the conflict.Maybe we should let them choose what they want,limit it by cost,not by forbidding.

2.Remove the limit number about using flights in a flight group.For example,for USN CV player,they can choose 1 to 6 flights as there own group size,for IJN CV player,they can make 1 to 4.The skill 4-5 can make the limitation add 1 .

3.After buffing several points,we should make some cost to limit CV force.

(1) Board Bearing Capacity,limit the count number of mission flights.

(2)Group Limit,limit count number of flight groups,make it rise with CV level,form 3 to 8.

(3)Group Hostling Time,make it rise with flights number,drop with CV level.

(4)Take off Time,make it rise with with group number,drop with CV level.

4.Allow to the group size while sitting in port,forbid to change it during the battle.

5.Make 3 new button to add flight group,add 1 kind 1 group by clicking 1 button,make it suffering by cost long time to delete a group.


Sorry for my poor English, that's all of my suggestions.Thank you for reading it.

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