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Flight Control Mod 2 (+5% aircraft cruising speed)

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In port, this module appears to have no effect: the displayed speed of your planes remains the same. Is it really bugged or is it just a display error? I entered the Training Room to find out...


Using a stopwatch, the time taken for a fighter squadron to travel between two specific map points was measured. There was no turning involved - the planes were directed along a straight path, with the clock only started as they passed a designated starting point and stopped as they crossed a distant second point. Using Shoukaku fighters (171 knots) and Essex fighters (169 knots base) with FCM2 (which should boost them to 177 knots) the results were:



1st run - 36.98 seconds

2nd run - 37.30 seconds

3rd run - 37.09 seconds

Average - 37.12 seconds



1st run - 35.66 seconds

2nd run - 35.51 seconds

3rd run - 35.87 seconds

Average - 35.68 seconds


Essex sprint times are roughly 4% faster than Shoukaku, which is fairly consistent with a 177 knot vs 171 knot speed difference.

Result: The module is working. It's just not updating the numbers in the stat window.

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Good stuff.

FYI if you have the capabilities then recording the run and opening it in editing software is a good way to precisely measure the time.

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FCM 2 will be useful when they empty loaded or dropped already (my friend said like that)

ex TBM-3 136knots with empty loaded idk how fast i plus 10% so it will be 149.6knots and plus 5% will be 151.146knots

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