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Any words about Grozovoi buff?

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 5.9 as Gearing (which has the similar concept[Hybrid DD] and "Better" Torpedo. Both with insane AA power)

would be nice.

or are there are any reasons this ship has to be 6.1 concealment instead of 5.9?



ps. Z-52 has 6.1 too, but German Hydro cover up it's weakness on concealment

Spotted -> wait 1 sec forward -> hydro on -> spot everything within 5.9

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Grozovoi's main problem is it's size.  It's huge and not very maneuverable and eats BB AP pens like nothing else.  Everything else about it is pretty good really, including the concealment.  If they fix the BB AP problem, then all it really needs is a turning circle and rudder buff and it would be perfectly fine.

Having said that, there has been no word at all on any potential Grozovoi buff afaik.

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Im still waiting buff

grozovi never maximum anythings except AA, main guns, speed

torpedo long time reload and doesnt make sense timing reload and range

consumable only 2 things able to use (damage control doesnt count) infact Z-52 has hydro, Yue Yang has radar, shima is getting lower concealment, Khabavrosk has repair party, Kidd has repair party

needs repair party? No

needs engine boost in a new slot? No

buff range trop? :fish_viking:

i usually play grizovoi with CV dps with DFAA up to 900

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