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Adjust MM for out of norm Class numbers in Queue

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This has been mentioned before,but allowing the MM to make matches quicker with uneven numbers of ships in each class would be good.

Mission requirements and new tech tree lines can cause their to be a sudden surge in numbers of one or two classes and a drop off in others,and the MM as usual sits there trying to make ideal matches for 1 or 2 minutes with a large number of players in queue when it could just be throwing players into matches straight away or little delay with what is in queue.

The Space Battles is the most recent of these.From the start Battleships and Cruisers have been the most popular with up to 50 or more of each in queue early on,and maybe a couple of CV and DD.But the MM has had players sitting there for upwards of 1 min 40 secs trying to get CV and DD into a match.

In the first few days there could be 150 ships in queue,with the above still happening anyway.Even the last few days with only 30 or 40 ships in queue the MM was still making players wait when it could have matched up players a lot faster.

Please allow the MM to adjust for this sort of thing so it can just get the matches happening in future.

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