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World of Warships ModStation

An application for installing modifications for the World of Warships game client.


Modifications allow the game to keep closer to players’ individual tastes should the standard functionality be not enough for optimal comfort.

However, currently it’s not necessarily easy to install the desired mods and updating them can be a separate headache. Many players find it annoying to try and keep everything up to date and tuned correctly.

This is where World of Warships ModStation comes in.



  • Multilanguage support: the graphic user interface is available in both English and Russian, and is switchable at any time.
  • You no longer need to find updates for your modifications, World of Warships ModStation will do it for you. Update scan is performed each time the application is launched and if the updates are available they are downloaded and applied automatically.



  • There’s no way to install a mod incorrectly. The application checks your client version and mod version and only lets you install the relevant mods.
  • There are image previews for all the mods, and descriptive videos are planned for the near future.
  • Detailed descriptions of mods are available, but feel free to offer your improvements to the existing texts, we’ll be sure to take them into account.



World of Warships ModStation is not supposed to work with the test clients




  • When installing new versions of mods, older ones are uninstalled automatically. This is needed for the mods to function correctly.
  • There are many available mods already and there will be more in the future.




  • Another cool feature is simultaneous download and installation of the mods.
  • Dynamic refresh of the mod list, depending on the region you play in.
  • Highlighting of  already installed mods in the list
  • Mods that are already up to date are not downloaded repeatedly therefore saving the user’s traffic.



All of the modifications, installed with this application are checked for viruses and malicious code and are safe to use.
However, all of these modifications are installed at users’ discretion.
World of Warships developers are not responsible for the modified game client.
Please understand, that modifications are created by players and for players, therefore they might contain errors (the development team does everything in its power to check the mods for any issues, but one cannot completely avoid the risk associated with modifying the game client).
Disclaimer: we do not guarantee compatibility of modifications with all of the hardware configurations.



Future plans:
Keeping players informed about all of the mod and World of Warships ModStation updates - work in progress
Ability to automatically update all of the installed mods after the game is updated (only for the mods available in World of Warships ModStation) - work in progress
Audio previews for sound mods available in World of Warships ModStation - work in progress

If you have any issues when installing or using ModStation, please don’t hesitate to post about them in this topic!

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To test the updates have made micro-update.
When you run the program, a version definition must occur and you will be prompted to download the new installer.

Download and reinstall the program again. It will not change the modifications you have installed.

In the plans to improve the program, there is already a task to improve the update, when you do not need to download and install the program manually.
We will do everything beautifully and correctly.

Now I'd like you to be a little patient and help test the program and bringing it to perfection :)

By the way, at the same time added there a mod to remove the chevrons, it's in the miscellaneous section. :)

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Redesigned group for the installation  mods - Insignias (emblems).


Added modification changing insignia:

Ace Combat - by ROKA_na

Скрытый текст


PinUp - by ATZE_77

Скрытый текст


Extinguisher - by  CorpseCat

Скрытый текст


Flags - by CorpseCat

Скрытый текст


Kancolla - by CorpseCat

Скрытый текст


To update the modpack, just run the program.
Good luck in battle!

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Good day! 
Once again, as part of the beta testing program, we make an update of the application itself.
At startup-the application itself will offer you to download the updated version. Simply reinstall the app in the same way that you previously specified.
Previously installed version of the game will not be affected.


Added ability to disable some game modifications.
This improvement will save unnecessary transactions of the game files, which means it saves your Internet traffic.
It looks like this:



"under construction"is added to the disabled element (preview image).
The modification itself is disabled in the program and you can not select it.
Disabled modification of the game appears in gray.



Also added a new version of the game.
Gun markers V5 and V6






The group of modifications of the display strips. The number of ribbons in a row changes.

Display tapes in a row-6, 7 and 8 respectively








Added modification of the "Azimut"
Display in the combined mode of primary and secondary information in a digital coordinate form. Top numbers - where you look 'by compass'... 0 is North, 180 is South, etc. the bottom figure, where you see 'the ship'... 0-in nose, 180-in stern... the rest - on different sides, red-left, green-right.




An updated modification:
Roslich Icons


The author reworked the modification of the "Line HP"

Now it is more functional and convenient to use.
ATTENTION: the modification changed the name of the Advanced HP indicator



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1. Added display statistics on the number of modifications that will be added, removed, enabled, disabled or restored when you click "Install".



2. Improved the update mechanism of the program "ModStation".

  • From the next version the program will be updated in semi-automatic mode.
  • You do not need to download and run the installation process of the program through the browser manually.


3. Fixed the following bugs:

  • The lock interface is in the process of installing mods
  • Deleting the cache of the program on your disk when you uninstall.
  • At the start of the program sometimes did not open automatically bookmark "Mods"


4. Added modifications:

  • Removing 'Visibility' in sight
  • Score timer


5. Modifications included:

  • Extended loading screen
  • Roslich Icons
  • Extended HP line


6. Removed modifications:

  • The display of the strips in row - 6
  • The display of the strips in row - 7
  • Display tapes in the row - 8

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Hi, I just installed your modstation, and like the UI - thanks for sharing :)

I am wondering if you could help me with a couple of questions from me and a friend:

1. is there a mod included which indicates the movement of targeted ships, eg a green dot for forward, a red dot for backwards and a yellow dot for stationary?

2. will the mods be updated as the game client is updated?

Thanks for the answers, and again, I'm enjoying the modstaion, it's much more user-friendly than Aslain's for example

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Can't Open the program.

Send halp.

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Update ModStation. Version

Added new functionality:
1. List of installed modifications in the game client (tab "client Selection").
2. Copy the list of installed modifications to the clipboard.
3. Remove all installed modifications in the selected game client.
4. The installer restores the application files if they were incorrectly deleted by the user.

Fixed the following defects:
1. When the .NET framework 4.5 was installed, the application did not run.

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ModStation Update. Version (34.9 Mb)

Now ModStation supports installing the modifications for  World of Warships Steam client. 
After you update the program up to v., you will a new addition icon for game client updates.



New features added:
1.  Supporting game Steam client. You can now install modifications for WoWs Steam client.
2.  Added button for updating the installed game clients (autosearch)
3.  When you install the modification, all the folders with the modifications for now outdated version of the games will be automatically deleted from res_mods root folder. 
4.  When you uninstall the mod for the current version of the game, all the folders with the modification will be automatically deleted from res_mods root folder
5.  When you first launch ModStation, the window size will be set as 75% of the display 

Issues fixed:
1. res_mods being emptied, if no modifications selected for installing (modification deleting mode)
2. The “Delete” button deletes modifications not in chosen, but in actual game client
3. Critical program ending, if in dialogue window “Close game client?” end the program task manually and then press “Yes” 
4. Changed text: “Add” into “Install” in statistics page with the number of modifications
5. Checking the client installment folder path is now not case-sensitive
6. Fixed issue with message of res_mods directory being blocked, when having an error at installing a modification

The update will occur automatically when you start ModStation
This update will not affect any previously installed modifications

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Had a look. Pretty nice. Some problems with mods though. Sadly uninstalled now and can't remember exactly what section but 1 whole section of mods was not available (greyed out). Some mods I tried that used little icons they didn't show eg all the ones in Badobest panel. They did work with Aslains version though.


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