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Anyone got stuck on the loading screen ?

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OK , this update really break it for me.

IDK whats wrong but starting from this update i got a freaking long load time in about  anything. The game refuse to let me get into the action even when the sound of fire is on my ship but i cant freaking do anything about it.

And everytime i tab out something broke. Like the sound and the sync , even when im at  a net cafe with a more powerful computer.

This morning was normal even though a little slow then all hell broke lose. Loading a game with Missouri , 5 minutes still staring at the loading screen. OK fine , reset , same problem still staring. Match lost , got reported. What the ,... . Not cool , reset , delete cache , try again , still 5 minutes . What the ....

Now what to do

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memory leaks on mine. Ping is good but game lags every time I press the quick commands. After 7 games, the game just froze in the post-battle results screen.

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