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Ability to Choose Which Modules to Buy when Already Researched

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This problem mainly comes back to annoy old players:

Say that I have played through the entire IJN battleship line and got the Yamato, and I have sold every other ship in the line. But one day I suddenly decided to buy my Fuso back.

In the current system, I would have to buy the Fuso with all of its stock modules first, then buy the upgraded modules, and finally going to the inventory to sell the stock modules. Not only is this a hassle, it also costs me to waste some credit on those modules (since selling only reimburses half the credit). This may not be that significant with lower tier ships, but with high tier ships each module's cost can easily exceed 2M credits, which is not an amount many players can afford to throw away.

So my proposal is the following: if a player has already researched a module for a certain ship, they should be prompted and allowed to buy the upgraded module directly, instead of having to purchase all the stock modules first.

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