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Idea for Next Year's April Fools

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I know it's not even April 2018 yet but it's always worth planning ahead.

The idea came when I knew about this particular torpedo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VA-111_Shkval

If you read the article, this torpedo is capable of 200kts utilizing supercavitation, which can introduce a really special element to the game.

Basically, I envision a game mode like PUBG: 24 players in a death match, with an ever shrinking game region. All players will be captaining torpedo boats, like the ones in last year's Dunkirk scenario. Each ship is equipped with either one or two single launchers with a ~15s reload and has no guns. The torpedoes are VA-111s, traveling 200kts but have a huge detection radius: practically always spotted when launched. It's basically a torpedo grappling orgy, which sounds pretty fun to me...

Added to that we can have weather effects that reduce the spotting distance, and maybe a special consumable that reduces damage taken by 50% but has a very long reload? I think this will make a very interesting game mode.

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