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how to cruiser ?

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8 minutes ago, ROFLSaurusRex said:


I am at tier 3 tenryu .Idkaf . Please tell me how to cruiser .

Thank you


To play cruiser, you have to learn how to fire and dodge as you're not as hard to hit as a destroyer nor as tough as a battleship. So that means firing on the run or wiggling from incoming shells...especially in certain heavy cruisers couch Pensacola cough that have weak armor.

Japanese/Soviet/German/English/French cruisers like Tenryuu have torpedoes while only Phoenix and Omaha have them in the USN line and those are used to give extra firepower in a gun fight as well as area denial. They also have anti-air capabilities and thus used to screen capital ships (BBs and CVs) from attacks in the air. And there are some that are given special abilities like smokescreen, hydro acoustic devices, and even radar to detect DDs or keep your teammates from being seen.

They are also DD hunters as their guns are much too small to deal significant damage to battleships unless you are using HE shells. CVs are fair game though.

Truth is, if you master the cruiser line game play then you can learn using either a destroyer or a battleship effectively.


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see IChaseGaming's video. or UrPeaceKeeper's ones. those are good for new players and old alike. look for the new players guide. and my personal advice is to learn each ship's capabilities, strength and weaknesses. those are vital for youself to gitgud in later tiers.

and for the love of god please don't rush the T5~T6 ships, sure they look shiny but the decent players all play those tiers, play the early tier ships of each kinds first and decide what kind of ship you would like to grind to T10


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From my experience, cruisers are the easiest class to play and do relatively well at the same time. All you need to know is not to present yourself as a juicy targets at wrong places and poking the wrong ship at wrong time. You often need to run like a ..... in order to live to fight another day. While some cruisers are easier than others, I think US and UK CA/CLs requires a bit more experience to do well in. The others are pretty much get in position, kite away, get back in range, kite away... keep doing this till you fall asleep.

However, good cruiser skills are not easy to gain, you basically keep making mistakes on each maps and keep learning from them. Also, you need to know which ship you can brawl against, and where to shoot which ammo type against what ship. You can do these tests in Co-Op or training room easily if you are that serious.

Again, you have good handling and quite high  RoF, so missing a salvo means nothing really in most cases, you can always get the next one right. Being in right position is the only skill that you really need for successful with most cruisers in the game.

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On 3/24/2018 at 9:25 PM, ROFLSaurusRex said:


Well, any cuiser or Tenryu?

I would have played Tenryo on my way up the IJN cruiser tree, but I didn’t keep her.

These days I encounter her mostly in low tier Random, when I play destroyer, or in Scenarios.

Tenryu has good concealment, with Concealment Expert you can bring it down to just above 7km. She is fast, has an insane rate of fire and is a good fire starter. She turns fast and she does have decent torps for her tier. I guess, those are the strengths, learn to make use of them.

There are weaknesses, which your opponents will try to exploit. She has little armour and an individual shell does not do much damage. Guns, rudder and engine get knocked out easily. (Often when one heads towards me, I knock out the front gun/s, when one runs away, is see rudder or engine knocked out.)

Tenryu would make a capable DD hunter, because she can dodge torps and her high rate of fire is good to hit fast manoeverable targets like DD’s.

When she goes against BB’s, even cruisers, one salvo can kill her. But her weak amour and narrow build mean many AP shells will over-penetrate and do minimal damage.

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Click on top left, select from the playlist of videos to watch:

ichase video no.9 - How to cruiser

Flamu video no 10 - Commentary on tenryu

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