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The most ultimate (redacted) in warship history [warning: dont click if you are still sane]

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dear mod, its fine to perma ban my forum account (dont ban my game account :V). this is my last post already......

my post is become shit and (redacted), day by day. and this my last ultimate (redacted).......

i know the forum rules made so everyone will keep civil and calm. but you cannt put a big shark on aquarium. its belong to the freedom of the ocean.

and i have one request, can you wait for 2.5 days before delete or edit this post?   well, i ask too much....



i condensed my CV suggestion, and add something else.... so here is my last suggestion :

1 cv per team

- you got nuked from 2 CV.....  

- 2 unicum CV vs 2 noob CV

- CV player rant : my team CV is AFK, i deal with double enemy

- less air (redacted)


half all CV damage, half AA damage of all ship, half strafe multiplier

- surface pheasant wont rant they got insta nuked

- CV player can deal damage more consisten.... also now they rely on DoTs that works so well againt BB

- no more CV (redacted) AA division.....


give every CV AADF

- simple, even noob now can defend theirself


add 50% dispersion for ship spotted by CV, except for DD

- what do you think is better, make CV spot ship only appear in minimap, or simply add dispersion?


a losing CV cannt play any CV for 1 hour

- less CV bots spam match

- less noob CV




give USN DD deep water torpedo with 1.2km~1.6km detection, torpedo boat is exclusive for IJN! Lo yang get Deep water torpedo too!

(redacted) USN DD is too way too pesky, i mean pest. BUFF USN CV instead! USN DD IS WAAY TOO GOOD??? what is their weakness? even CV can be shotdown by them! they are basically in game strongest ship because pesky ultimate versatile (inappropriate use) geese pest. they are like plague that drop crap everywhere.



buff this stupid upgrade...... -20% concealment ship spotted by this ship, DD cannt equip this. anyone mount this upgrade? he must be the most stupid man in the century.....

AND YEAH! I MOUNT THIS UPGRADE ON BISMARCK! this upgrade is more useless than crap, even crap have its own use.


Republique NEED CATAPULT PLANE! not silly pesky big H word!

i bet 10 (inappropriate use) Dollar it doesnt mean helicopter.... because THERE IS NO HELICOPTER!

it must be mean (redacted) or Hendana ( 変だな) >> weird / strange

this ship is weird, since the ship is weird enough.... they put H in the back to make it more WEIRD......



no quote, this is my last suggestion post as skarhabek.

and WHATEVER HAPPEN, i wont give a damn about balance anymore........


i actually inspired by this :



i have an idea to make short comic about how French officer design and made the French TX BB. too bad i cannt make it real.... since this is my last post :V

but here is some story that i made :


few french officer discussing about the ultimate warship.....


part 1

secondary power! german science!
- german GK got 150mm with 7.5km secondary..... 
- so we put 152mm with 8km secondary 
- hahahaha so smart!  finally we surpass the german science! now we can mock stroheim
- also we put higher burn chance, since secondary damage is worthless... we shouldnt repeat the german mistake
- how did we get good HE secondary? steal from IJN???
- nope, its easy....... just put emile bertin on the ship! people wont know!
- hohohoho lets scrap emil bertin!

- (and republique really have 3x3 secondary 152mm with AB-X configuration)


part 2
everyone got WW2 sheety plane, Republique got Modern Helicopter!
- man CV is too can.....
- heeey dont said can***, mod will ban you!
- okay..... CV is too *BEEP BEEP, now mod cannt ban me hahahahaha
- hehehehe agree, now we just need to say beep beep everytime we want to say (redacted).
- so back to topic, a regular plane is too weak againts cv. so as improvement we can add helicopter with rambo inside

>>..... sadly they need to wait more longer, because the helicopter need another design. and when republique build is done... the copter is still on design.


part 3

planned to have 16 gun 480mm, with 24 sec reload! by-bye Yamato!
- we need ultra strong ship, yamato got 9x460mm gun... so republique should have 480
- GK and Montana got 12 gun, so we need 16 gun to surpass them!
- OKAY PUUT IT! 16x 480mm gun! WOOOOOOHOO!!
- wait boss, its TOO BIG, it will overpen most cruiser....
- hale? hola? (inappropriate use).... you are right, even yamato 460 gun sometimes useless
- so what is the optimal caliber? bigger than Kurfurst yet still cause citadel without overpen
- bet me 431 gun is good!
- oh alright then 16x 431mm gun! with 24 sec reload! HOHOOHO ALL HAIL FRENCH SCIENCE!!!


- OOIII wrrronng! dont mimic the kriegsmarine!

- oh come on! why we are french people talking in english??


part 4
try to rival the iowa
- iowa is too fast with 33 knot....
- our T10 BB ship was to heavy...how we get past 33knot?

- can we put IOWA machinery at republique?

- no, the montana have same engine and move slower at 30 knot. because bring more gun and havier armor. our T10 BB will move at max 25 knot!

- so how?

- ......
- just reduce the armor plate into 32mm [its actually making it weaker]
- and put Khabarovsk inside the stern..... so we can have speed boost! NOBODY KNOWS!!
- but Khabarovsk is TOO BIG, its as big as cruiser... the last gun turret wont fitted.... and we already put emil bertin on top of the ship.....
- okay, now just reduce 1 turret, we still got 12 gun its still fine 

- we will get approximately 38 knot and speed boost hohohohoho! so frickin GENIUSES!


-.... and yet... its failed when build... only 30 knot and still slower than Iowa with speed boost active


part 5

the final design

- finally we almost end this.

- sir there is one thing that this ship lack.

- whut? 12 gun AB-X turret with 431mm and 24 sec reload? GG secondary? 38knot speed? what else?

- there is no space left for restaurant inside the ship! the crew will be hungry! we are french people! we dont eat yesterdat junk heat-ed fast food.
- hmmm i afraid to say this..... but we need to remove 1 gun from the bow.

- why not remove the gun at the stern??? so it will like mega Richeliuea!

- .....because...... khabarovsk smoke is smelly...... we cannt eat in there.......

- sigh... alright, as long as our food supply is available. 1 gun removed is not big problem....


>> and there.... you got 2x4 gun A-X turret......




dear mod, did i say wait 2.5 days? FORGET IT, QUICK DELETE THIS THREAD ASAP!!!! BEFORE SOMEONE READ THIS (redacted)!


and perma ban me please, before i made another shitpost!


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1 hour ago, Skarhabek said:



Too late... I read it. Or at least tried to. :fish_boom:

1 hour ago, Skarhabek said:

and perma ban me please, before i made another shitpost!

Not sure if insanity is grounds for a ban though...:Smile_veryhappy:

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5 hours ago, Skarhabek said:

my post is become shit and shittier, day by day. and this my last ultimate shitpost.....



With regards to the rest of your post.....


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I'm not sure if you are seeking moderation or discipline?

If it helps "Skarhabek, you've been a naughty poster" :cap_popcorn:

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I stopped reading once I realised I was listening to the rant of a child.


Which meant I didn't get past the second sentence.


Cool story bro. You go for it, you big red fire engine.



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32 minutes ago, Spotter said:

read it, corrected the statements, and kept the message intact, should still be understandable.

thanks you, we all appreciate your effort for this thread

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Sicked hanging on at this moment 

every patch that they made as I see 85% nerf/ship put out more than effective buff

Edited by THAI_THIEF

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[ANZAC] j0e90 52
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6 hours ago, Spotter said:

read it, corrected the statements, and kept the message intact, should still be understandable.

Did you HAVE to leave it understandable? Maybe the editing couldhave gone " urrrrgh, um BIIIIIGGGG boat BIGGG guns...CV BAD USN DD BAD NERF please"

See I could be a mod ;)

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Nah sharky, people love ur sheetposts too much.

It's great reading them after a stressful session.

Don't leave us!


Edited by seiji09

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17 hours ago, j0e90 said:

well, next time my anti psychotic meds go missing, I know now who will have stolen them.

:Smile_bajan2: the term you cannot please everyone comes to mind.........................:Smile_popcorn:

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[ANZAC] j0e90 52
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On 23/03/2018 at 4:57 PM, Spotter said:

:Smile_bajan2: the term you cannot please everyone comes to mind.........................:Smile_popcorn:

Isn't that the 3rd rule of Mods? ( after 1:follow the rules, 2: no REALLY, follow the rules ) 

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10 minutes ago, j0e90 said:

Isn't that the 3rd rule of Mods? ( after 1:follow the rules, 2: no REALLY, follow the rules ) 


something like that - 

1. Be respectful to other players, you may disagree with them, but say so intelligently and don't insult them

2. Follow the Rules

3. See Above Rules

4. If your unsure of and break the above rules, expect the Red Pen

Image result for red pen meme

5. Follow the Rules and the above meme wont ever need to be done :)

6. See All Rules Above :)

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