Hi All,

I am new to WOWs, and I have a suggestion for US the tech tree line. If anyone can help me reach the dev team and have a look at my suggestion, that would be of great help. Here is my suggestion for a possible tech treee for the US warship line. Both standard and premium with details after the tech tree. I also have some tech tree lineup for UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia, running in my head, but that will be another topic for another time. Also have ideas for Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Argentina, Commonwealth Nations as well. but it will be like Poland style tech tree. Please let me know what you think about this tech tree and if the dev team will approve this line up. And if the dev team approves, I will continue my research for the rest of the nation line up. Thanks in advance if you find this good and reached the dev team. I will try to fill up as much info as needed for this tech tree line up. Feel free to ask and i will try to get back on you as soon as i can.