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What's the meaning of DPM?

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If all the shots you fire hit the target and you shoot as fast as possible. There's some wiggle room when it comes to how the damage is calculated, I assume it's counted as regular penetrations.

The higher your DPM, the more likely you are to win an extended engagement.


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Damage-Per-Minute is used to compare the damage-output ships can do. Considering ships have different numbers of guns, different calibers and different reload times, that’s not straightforward.


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Damage per minute (DPM) can be defined as the ship's theoretical maximum damage output in a minute, with the assumption that all shells land on the target and inflict full damage.

For example, we have a battleship with nine guns dealing a max AP dmg of, say, 12 000 per shell, with a 30-second reload:

12 000 dmg/shell x 9 shells x (60s/30s) = 216 000 dmg

This means the hypothetical battleship can deal 216 000 damage per minute.


In the case of WoWs, DPM is more suited to calculating AP dmg rather than HE, because HE shells can also deal DoT damage (Damage-over-time), and this value highly depends on the target ship's max HP pool and ship type.

So for HE, we have something called Fires per minute (FPM) to calculate damage potential. Higher FPM = more fires = higher DoT dmg

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