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Do not use Google Translate

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Hello WOWS,  2 suggestions about your game Chinese menu.

1, get a professional translation company.  There are some so obvious translation mistake in the current Chinese menu.  

"battleship" is '战列舰' in Chinese, not what in the menu now '主力舰'.  '主力舰' in Chinese means 'the main force' in a fleet, so it can be any ships. 

"Apply" should be translate to '应用', not what in the menu now '套用'.  In Chinese '套用' imply applying rules for Object A to Object B(which is a different type of thing), and it emphases on the rules/policies that applied to Object B was not initially made for B.  Yes, in English the word 'apply' is used in all those situations, but in Chinese they are two different words.   That's why you should get a professional translation company, whose staff speak native Chinese Chinese, not English Chinese, and please do not use google translate.

2, use Simplified Chinese, not Traditional Chinese.  If you intention is to please your players, and attract new customers, not for some stupid political correctness, you should use Simplified Chinese, simply because even outside China, nowadays, there are more people use simplified Chinese, this includes the entire Singapore, and over million international students from main land China, and this number increase dramatically each year.

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I make agreement with this.  It is important to switch properly, but this is a bad thing. 

A person in the spirit of the language can organize the situation.

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