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ATAGO inigma

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Atago owners have been duped and I'll wager over 95% of Atago owners have regrated bying the so called pride of the Japanese Fleet and supposedly the  best cruiser money can buy, man did we get shafted or WHAT! 

I've only been playing since October 2016 because I've just under gone a liver transplant and had a lot of time on my hands. So you can imagine what went through my mind when the powers that be were promoting the ATAGO, all properganda on the ship was telling me that it was the best thing since sliced bread. I couldn't wait to buy it. I had to save up and when I bought it, I was so excited and happy that I finally had a ship that I could do something with. Little did I know what the future had in store for me and the "ATAGO"

PROBLEMS: Every time I take the Atago out for a battle, it's like I got a bulls eye painted on my back. As soon as the Atago is detected its like the fireworks on New Years Eve, everyone and his black dog starts firing at me. AND it doesn't stop...even when I go undetected again. I continue to get shot at and in the process of getting the hell out of there, the firing doesn't stop. Even when I go past other ships and my team mates are 3-5 kms closer to the enemy than my ship (Atago)aaa, the enemy continues to pursue the Atago by firing everything they have at her and more. Destroyers chase her down because the majority of the time it only takes one torpedo (533) to sink her and that's being kind.  the Atago armour is like tissue paper, even the destroyers can penetrate her hull with main guns and don't get me started about secondary armament on battle ships cause it just gets too much. Any type of shell from any type of ship makes swiss cheese out of the Atago's exterior armour and  that goes for noobies that subscribe to the hope and fire school of WOWS. Once you master the ability to stay undetected for as long as you can, I'm afraid this won't benefit you in any way,. I've heard the spool about how the Atago is one of the best ships out there for survivability and this comes from quite a few supposedly reliable sources however, she might have another 15k-20k of band-aids available to her at 3-4 different stages, but this alone will not save her. Atago the Japanese Cruiser is a marked vessel. The minute it's detected  there's a very high probability of getting citadelled and blown out of the water. 

REMEDY: aaaaaaaa

Survivability: the armour should be thickened up to accommodate the majority of shell fire that a cruiser takes.

Main Turrets: Should be heavier shells or shorter time period for reloading, it's absolutely exasperating waiting for the turrets to reload on this ship

Torpedos: This is where the ships shines, but over the past 100 battles, I may destroyed 3-4 ships with torpedoes, they need to be quicker and faster reloading time

AA Defense: Not bad, but the automatic mission program never matches the Atago up with any Air Craft Carriers in the same battle

PRIORITY: Better armour

Comment: Every one know that the Atago is an easy mark and it may have been popular before, but I hardly see Atago ships in battles these days,, make something of the Atago please because the ship that is getting around at the moment, is nothing more than target practise and that's being polite. I'm disgusted. It only takes one hit from any battleship and it's lights out, it's all over rover. 

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:Smile_facepalm: The server average damage for the Atago is approximately 2.5 times your average damagefor the ship. That speaks volumes in itself and should tell you everything and that your observations are completely false, wrong, and biased in every way, because they are based on your ability...or lack there of.

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