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i am quit playing CV..... except WG buff CV secondary....

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I think I'm going to like the Alsace. BB with great secondaries is always nice. :cap_rambo:Good thing I'm not far away from finishing the Richelieu grind.

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If anything they would buff Alsace.

The secondaries have BAD penetration, only good for fire chance.

Alsace is all light armor, HE spam wrecks you. Even a single HE spamming cruiser can chip off huge chunks of HP.

You have flat broadsides so you take full pens easily for big chunks of damage.

Your citadel is high in the water.

Your turtle back is fairly meh.

Second lowest HP pool and unlike Lion, no mega heal to heal back the chip damage fire damage from HE spam.

Not so great concealment.


It is the squishiest least survivable tier 9 BB.


AA is nice, not as good as USN

Secondaries are nice, not as good as USN

AWWWWFFFUL dispersion that puts you at the complete mercy of RNG.


She can excel in battle, but if you ever get focussed, you will melt incredibly fast. And you cannot drop off detection as easily as Iowa or Mighty Mo. I think she should have a buff to her concealment and maybe a tiny HP buff of 2k

HE spamming DD's can reliably chip away your HP, no issue. It is rare for rounds to shatter against her.

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On 3/4/2018 at 12:00 PM, Pocket_Fox said:


Alsace still have it good on her agility and firepower


take a look of unfortunate FDG

meh accuracy

meh agility

meh AA

even meh secondaries

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