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Are you having a luck playing ...

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1. ... with teammate that decide all goes to one side, when you realize (late) that you were alone in the other side ?
*My answer : First, of course, I'm dead by 3 to 6 enemies shooting simultaneously on me. Then, following the battle progress, my teammate who all goes to the different side, are dying one by one, because they can't shoot right, busy crashing each other and enemy easily spot them at one side. Result, lose miserably.

2. ... with CV player that don't care about enemy torpedo bombers and using their fighter to guarding their torpedo bomber or just busy playing their bomber and inactive using their air fighter to repel enemies air unit ?
*My answer : First, our BB get killed/damaged one by one with their torpedoes, make easy for all enemy units to finish the job. Ended with only CA & DD still untouched by enemy air units, which usually already dead/damaged by enemy sea unit. Result, lose miserably & I'm so tired playing with teammate CV. 95% I'm team with always play poorly. Due note, we're talking about T3-T6 CV. I can understand T7-T10, CV pretty much useless.

3. ... both answer of point 1 & 2 ?
*My answer : F* my life.

My reaction :

a. For point no. 1 , I can only do talking loud.

b. For point no. 2, I abuse report for playing poorly to the CV players, in hope they get banned or not matched with me in the next round, who knows ?

c. For point no. 3, I rage quit and visit WoWs next day or week.

What about you ?

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As a main BB player I'm already way too familiar with it, I only complained to my division and moved on, no report whatsoever.

I have no trouble going solo (unless there's the CV), just rather annoying. 

But I think I got myself killed by enemy CV much less lately. Not sure if it's a nerf thing or anything.

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3 hours ago, Thyaliad said:

I have pretty much the same reaction, report silently and move on. Quit playing WoWs for the day if the frustration is too much.

Yup...that's what I did today with 6 games 50% WR when you have to carry the whole stupid noob potatoes to victory...typical weekend warriors.

What I did was abandon the whole flank when playing dd because getting 1/2 your hp gone for nothing contesting cap and spotting dd while no one is even bothered to shoot at enemy dd/CA and then all those sheep lemming train when there is no dd spotting for them :cap_haloween: = win

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