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Can I do better than this in Dunkeke?

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In Dunkerque I found that I haven't been performing as well (or as consistently) as I'd like, especially when uptiered (AKA you're a CA now). Obviously Dunkerque's too inaccurate to snipe, but rushing gets me killed. So I tried sticking with the team, but I found that I can't rack up the damage in time before my teammates kill all the targets or the flank collapses (AKA I can't pull my weight). 


I recorded a gameplay video which shows the issue I'm having. Any tips? I know that bow-tanking is a noob trap in this ship and you have to leverage the cruiser aspects of this ship more often, but I still find my results lacking.

Maybe I'm just unlucky to have a game end early on me here, but who knows? I normally play on NA (I live in Canada) and I have an aggressive mindset so I might have to adjust for SEA meta.



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28k, no kills, and last place on the winning team isn't one to write home about, true, but you did survive and do about as well as your Fuso and not much worse than the Gneisenau. In fact everyone on your side pulled their weight: just 1.5x separates the top and bottom scores, vs. almost 4x on the losing side.

A quick glace through the video shows you were up at the front and supporting your team. Sometimes you can do the right things and they just don't pay off.

pro tip: increase the size of your minimap.



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Watched your video, I have noticed a lot of mistakes. Well I'm not really a good BB player either, but some points I noticed:

You do not notice much in minimap. Around 3:50 into the video (not game time), you started turning away. Why? You shouldve noticed that their majority went towards the opposite end of the map. There were lots of covers in that cap, I would aggressively push between B and C to cut the cruisers.

Also, Dunkerque aim is a bit different than other BBs due to shell velocity. I understand the reason for low damage this game. You went to support a flank where there were not many enemy. If I were in the same scenario, after dealing with that two cruisers from between B and C, I would move out towards enemy spawn transitioning into B cap to backstab ships in A, or, turn back towards spawn and face them head on. Your damage output in a battleship 30% depends on where you go and what you shoot at, 30% of your aim, 30% enemy dumbness and 10% luck. Dunkerque has good agility to flank enemy from safe distance of 12-13 km. Also, do not forget that you shoot lower caliber shells. The moment you realize that you wont do damage, instantly switch to HE. You will see good damage games in no time.

Keep trying.

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