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Revolutionary CV idea

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6 hours ago, Drifter083 said:






its called freedom and liberty....

some idea maybe sound ridiculously stupid and weird at all.... but that's, its called freedom of speech. no matter how stupid it was, an idea is just an idea. people might disagree thus spit some harsh word. but its also form of liberty, a form of freedom. well, its fine everyone call you silly or even stupid..... but as long as FREEDOM IS HERE, stand and laugh as much as you want.... FREEEDDOOOM. This freedom is include doing stupid thing, NOTHING CAN STOP US!


no matter how strong or ferocious a bald eagle, it cannt do a sheet againts a pack of pesky geese. 

~ Bunta Fujiwara, 



WE NEED REVOLUTSYA! there will be NO FREEDOM until CV is get changed. who incapacitate Bismarck so it become sunk?? CV..... WHO REKT the entire Pearl Harbor? CV...... who sink the BIGGEST BATTLESHIP EVER??? CV....


why Nazi cannt do a sheet againts British, even bombing everywhere? BECAUSE ITS HAVE NO CV!

what will happen if Nazi have 2 GZ instead of Lelpitz and Bismarck? what will happen if CV attack the convoy instead?

what will happen at dunkirk if massive CV strike too? what will happen if Japanese only build CV??


why murica become THE most powerfull military fleet right now? because its have CV! why China insist to build more CV? because its CV!


CV bring freedom! FREEDOM! 



CV right now its TOO OP or TOO WEAK!

so here is some insane illogical idea of CV revolutsya!


1. LIMIT CV number into 1 for each team for T7 and below!

why? its the opposite of our current meta. in the lower tier AA is weak, imagine a fuso getting targeted by 2 CV? it cannt do a sheet! imagine you are in Myogi or Kuma but getting targeted by 2 CV??? its opposite on the T8 and above, there is soo muuch AA and AA. there is only 1 cv to deal with the memetaur AA and next there will be USN CA split.... if there is 2 CV on T8 and above it will be MORE FUN, even a very strong AA pack of sheep can be by passed by 2 CV. also it will make the higher tier CV more DINAMIC instead of passive lure and run deal nothing. its also give more insentive for them that running AA build in higher tier


2. DD and Ca GOT DISPERSION bonus when spotted by CV

this is main problem of DD, when it got spotted by CV, it cannt do a sheet. some suggestion is to make DD only spotted in minimap, but it will ruin the CV role as spotter. the idea is give 50% dispersion bonus targeting DD when spotted by anyplane (include catapult plane). there will be a lot of missed attack when attacking DD but people still be able to see DD. for cruiser, there will be only 20% bonus........ for BB and CV? nope...


3. AADF revamp, .... 

the idea is the player MUST click to enemy plane, so the accuracy debuff only apply to all plane that coming from that single direction. it mean, if there is 2 squadron coming from different angle, the other squadron coming from different angle wont get accuracy debuff.... this will be benefit skilled cv player. BUT, the AA aura multiplier REMAIN same no matter what angle.... 


4. REMOVE STRAFING, KEEP manual attack on all tier!

the most weird and unrealistic mechanic of CV...... also the reason of gap skill problem. by removing strafe there will be a lot of problem solved. anyway, there is another idea to compensate this.....


5. bomber when chased by fighter

- bomber cannt drop bomb when chased by fighter

- bomber can ALT+Right click to abandon their bomb to the sea.... the bomber become empty and there is no attack

- REMOVE speed debuff when chased


6. Revamp Escape fighter mechanic

- dogfight will happen if fighter engange to fighter

- fighter can escape dogfight by just alt+click, instead of strafing and stunt enemy fighter.... it will look like just fly away, this moment enemy fighter will chase it like fighter tailing bomber, enemy fighter can deal damage....but your fighter deal no damage since its just running away. until enemy fighter disengange, it will keep tailing. it will bring some new gimmick.... you can keep chasing enemy fighter, but when its close to AA ship you must disengange! it will be interesting dogfight. 

- if enemy fighter chase your bomber, but you chase enemy fighter, your bomber will still be able to drop BUT WITH ACCURACY DEBUFF. also enemy fighter wont deal damage to your fighter.... but to your bomber.


7. Lesser low tier CV damage..... SAME damage like before starting at T9

this is the main problem, T4 CV can oneshot any T5 BB.... but T9 CV cannt oneshot T10 BB.... the lower tier CV is too stronk! but higher tier CV is weaker! this also affect SAIPAN damage! its plane maybe T9, but the torpedo and bomb its carried will be T7 damage!



8. CUT the number of plane in single squadron INTO HALF!

For example USN murica get 3TB, 3DB and 3F....  IJN got 2TB, 2DB and 2F.... but as compensation DOUBLE their squadron available! more multitask? more interesting right?

and starting from now..... all TB torp is LELWATER TORPEDO! no more harm to little DD! the deep water torpedo will only rekt big and medium sheep!

#PREMIUM CV KEEP SAME, no change loadout! this make saipan less OP because other CV can have multiple squadron attacking at once... making saipan fighter difficult to go againts tech tree CV.


9. Buff CV secondary, 

- range +40% (without any skill or upgrade)

- accuracy +50%

so CV is no more harmfull for DD... but DD should be aware that CV secondary can wrekt them! if there is 1vs1 last moment in battle. also this is benefit CV if its out of plane!


9. CV repair party

- T9 and T10 only

- Graf Zeppling T8 and Kaga T7 have access too!

this will PROLONG the battle for T9 and T10 if there is 2 CV on each side.... no snipe CV can rekt another CV easily by making it constant burning or flooding. for Graf Z and Kaga.... THEY SIMPLY NEED IT! along with secondary buff, they can bring another interesting gimmick.... run out of plane? YOLO CV!!!


10. DECREASE ALL AA SHIP by 50%!!! also fighter damage too!

yep, more durable plane.... but less CV damage.... no one will complaint, DD happy because CV become harmless.... CA still doing it task done.... BB? of course they will cry...

bet me 10 silver, this will be making WoWs look epic! the only problem is for them WHO have low spec pc will cry because so many mosquito.....



11. Replace commander air supremacy skill with AADF emergency box.... add 2 special AADF, this consummable is different kind of aadf

this air superioty  is what make SAIPAN FIGHTER OP...... the moment this skill removed, no one complain..... also newbie with lower skill captain can happy because no one can insta kill their plane.... no stupid T4 seal clubbing hosho.....


this Emergency AADF consummable is another consummable slot. IT MEAN a T9 CV can have 2 AADF consummable, one is normal AADF and other is emergency AADF.


this emergency AADF work like :

- any ship can TAKE THIS SKILL! include BB or CA without AADF (Yamato capt will be happy to hear this LEL)

- there is NO AA DAMAGE multiplier unlike normal AADF

- APPLY DEBUFF ACCURACY AURA on ALL PLACE, unlike normal AADF that is only 1 direction.

- can be activated at the same time of AADF

- cannt be affected by superintended or there is no premium version! only 2 consummable....

- active for 10 sec, cooldown 30 sec


this skill WILL BRING gimmick between no AA ship and full AA ship.... also sniper will think twice before snipe another CV. but it still possible to snipe another CV. at least it give 10 sec for the sniped CV to react..... launch fighter or returning fighter.

for BB with no AA? if timed correctly can dodge enemy cv stacked bomber plane easily... it will bring idea to attack IN ANOTHER WAVE instead of stacking ALL bomber to 1 run attack... CV will bombing BB with 1 by 1 squadron, waiting BB activate it. if BB actiavte it another will come later....


note : Before give critic about this ridiculous idea, you should think and create battle simulation how this new mechanic will work. maybe there is some flaw that need to be adjusted......


forget about the fujiwara bullsheet on top of the page. what i really want to say is "its fine to bring any idea... people may disagree thought"


BREAKING NEWS! Manga Kingdom chapter 547 is OUT!!! Glaive's Lament ! finally after 2 week of waiting!

WOOHOOO!!! i am crying of joy :fish_cute_2:


shin will become general! finally after year after year after year...... OuKi in heaven will happy to hear this....

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LOL, Sharkbait, most of these are pretty good ideas. 

1. Agree

2. Agree, also I think this has never been thought before.

3. Agree

4. Agree

5. Agree

6. Agree

7. Agree

8. Disagree, part of the reason WG cut high tier cv matches to 1-on-1 are potato computers.  Too many planes causing lag issues for players at high tiers. This would bring it all the way down the tiers as well. No deep water torps.  Hate those things.

9A) Disagree, read 8.

9B) Agree, where is the heal on the health?  Lots of American CVs stayed afloat in WWII after serious damage that should have sunk them.  Would make it more realistic. Just sayen,

10. Agree, but only with 1-on-1 cv matches and make the highest plane tier that a CV can carry be it's ship tier. 

11. Agree with first part but not second.  This is a captain skill that needs lots of rethinking about replacing. 



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STUKA!!!!!!!! *Siren incoming*

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Wasn't reading the post right..... 



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That's a lot to digest and I don't know much about high-tier cv play, but there seem to be plenty of threads about them.

I am familiar with the low tiers though, both as a cv player and in bbs - and I really don't think there's much wrong with it, especially since manual drops were removed.

I'd disagree that a t4/t5 cv could one shot a full hp bb using auto drop (wo detonation or flooding) - 4 torps out of 8 (ijn) is good, sometimes 5 if target moves poorly but not enough to sink it.

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sharkbait actually making reasonalbe suggestions? someone pinch me i must be dreaming


actually i agree with everything except 8-10, thoses were decent suggestions and would be intresing to see if ever put into place


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Quite a few interesting points here. I will give my thoughts on each:

1. Agree

2. Disagree unless there is an indication for the shooters on how the target is being spotted. Otherwise agree.

3. Slightly disagree but idea is worth testing. My main concern is that for ships with weak AA like IJN cruisers DFAA is the only thing that stops a CV from outright deleting them.

4. Disagree. Strafing is meant to punish blobbing of bombers. My proposal: keep strafe but reduce its damage against fighters.

5. Neutral

6. Agree

7. Agree

8. Disagree. CVs already need a lot of multitasking compared to the other classes, it doesn't need more of it. Plus this just increases the skill gap between good and bad CV players, which is part of the problem of CVs. 

And no to deepwater torpedo nonsense. Imo DWTs are a bad idea. Just reduce the damage DDs take or something.

9. Disagree for both. Not needed.

10. Disagree. I rather WG equalise AA power levels a bit. Some ships are no-fly zones while others might as well not have any AA. The gap between the AA haves and have-nots should be smaller imo.

11. Agree with removing Air Supremacy. Somewhat disagree on the 2nd part. That just makes thing unnecessarily complicated.

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1. Absolutely Agree

2. Nice Idea but will be dependent on RNG which is bad:Smile-_tongue:

3. Not sure, sounds good but when you take into account that US CVs don't get a second torp squad until T10, this idea becomes nothing but a buff to IJN CVs.... :Smile_trollface: 

4. Disagree... strafe needs to be toned down but not outright banned, a lot of expert CV players have put noticeable amount of time and effort to master the art of strafing.

5. Sounds realistic, agree.

6. Agree with most part except "this moment enemy fighter will chase it like fighter tailing bomber" part has to be initiated by enemy CV(should not be initiated auto)

7. Agree. I've mentioned this in my CV proposal thread too. Currently, they deal too much dmg.:Smile_sceptic:

8-10. Nope, goes against "Balancing" and introduces more complexities instead...:fish_palm:

11. Agree with "Air Supremacy", it has become a mandatory skill like the previous "Situational Awareness" skill...IMO it should be changed to something like "Increase Fighter durability by 50% in exchange for 50% reduced Bomber durability", thus will allow for having to chose between AS focus or Strike focus...:Smile_great:

P.S: I've heard Sharkbait only posts funny things but watching him post something sensible is satisfying, kudos to u @Skarhabek:Smile_honoring:

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Note: If the ideas were added separately, this would be my opinion on them.

1)Agree like completely agree.

2)20 Agree and 80 Disagree no good dd should suffer from handicap CV player but still if spotting torps is not enough to make them rage already.

3)Agree and now WG need to make a guide video on how to use it. it's like a good idea but it's not like there is an India Delta India Oscar Tango that don't know Youtube and Game website exists.

4)No! OMG don't you know how Kaga and other T8 IJN CV and above would be OP with that mechanic. With that mechanic, it will transform the CV game into hide and seek which will make this into Battle of Midway lesson and ultimately make the game not fun to play.

5)Should be damage buff for fighters when bombers tried to attack ships instead.

6)Neutral since there will be too much flexibility but still nice idea

7)T4 CV don't have lots of planes and I think it's ok. T7-T10 CV got lots of planes so ships get better AA; therefore, damage fall off. Current system is logical for me. My answer will be nope.

8)If Ranger 112 got only 1 DB squadron with full member with other downed and no reserve then this is quite good idea. But if you mean you can send all planes from Hangar to the sky then no.

9A)Neutral I mean it's ok but who will need this secondary buff except Graf?

9B)Slightly Disagree CV should not have Repair party becuz when you get sniped you are "supposed" to be punished for that not just "eh, just a scratch I will just press this button and it will take him another 2 runs."

10)Um dude do you know how IJN could take an advantage of this?

11)Removing air supremacy is a good idea, but that replaced skill? nah, not only hot keys but also it's not like there is too many AA skills now.


From the suggestion you gave I guess you must just got Kaga, huh?

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On 2/13/2018 at 11:58 PM, Skarhabek said:

its called freedom of speech

There is also freedom of not reading another post as long as your arm about "how to make CV's work."

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4. Fighter strafe maybe but not bomber strafe. If not usn cvs will not hit anything with their torps and bombers because manual drop is poor.

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On 2/13/2018 at 5:58 PM, Skarhabek said:

forget about the fujiwara bullsheet on top of the page. what i really want to say is "its fine to bring any idea... people may disagree thought"


BREAKING NEWS! Manga Kingdom chapter 547 is OUT!!! Glaive's Lament ! finally after 2 week of waiting!

WOOHOOO!!! i am crying of joy :fish_cute_2:

promotion :Smile_trollface:


12. Torp bomber manual drop need to rework, it drop in a form (same as torp launcher) which constantly no matter planes of squadron in different position

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These are all good ideas but I don't think we will be seeing the changes come. 
Also, people are losing interest in this game. The number of people online is hardly over 10,000. 

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