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Ark Royal and Graf Zeppelin

Should these CVs be added as Premium ships?  

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  1. 1. Should the CVs be added

    • Yes (Ark Royal and Graf Zeppelin)
    • Yes (Ark Royal)
    • No

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I think Ark Royal should be added to WoWS because it is such an iconic ship and did so much to the allied effort against Nazi Germany.

Graf Zeppelin should be added because... it's probably the only real effort the Germans put in for an aircraft carrier.

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GZ added in game already and took away from premium shop because *BEEEEEEEEEEP* since August (Gamescom in that time)

Ark Royal might be in tech tree RN CV

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GZ is being reworked for very long while now. I saw one rekting Lexington the day before.

Ark Royal might come as a RN CV line maybe tier 6. Hoping for that torp to hit Bismarck rudder.

RN CV line might be difficult to add though because most of the RN CV doesn't carry much aircraft so don't expect them to come this year about next spring might be the fastest. RN CV might have a gimmick like magnetic detonator torps.

There are 2 CV that might interested you: Aquila of Regia Marina and Béarn of French Navy.

Typing these makes my wallet shivers in fear. Don't worry little guy, it's not happening soon but always be ready.

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