And the February missions are out, and.....Nothing for coop. Excellent. I can't remember last reasonable coop mission or campaign set. Current Yamato mission for the other paint gets me another paint job with same stats as current job (So very good for people unwilling to spend the 5k gold on the normal paint job, of no use to those who purchased it. Indeed, a bit rude to offer it given that others paid real money to make their tier X profitable. Without the money spent the Yammi and most other Xs lose money). Was a time where discussion of "New things on horizon" for coop was being discussed. A LOT of plays simply don't like the random meta (campy/boring etc.). WG states new MM for coop is more interesting with bot carriers being added. So when I play my carriers in coop, and now when I don't, I will see carriers. Given that randoms see lot less carrier games, and that coop see far more, and that we know a LOAD of people don't like carrier games, all that can be concluded is that the carriers were put in coop to DISSUADE people from playing coop. All of this is interesting because WG introduced coop to this game. Seriously, the coop is a fantastic addition to this game, and is a mode that a lot of people play. Many will not play randoms. Ditch coop, or keep insulting the ccop players and you will simply lose players. And that doesn't make sense, because many coop players use premiums. ie they spend money too. Coop needs some love. These are my suggestions: 1) More campaigns and missions featuring coop. 2) Operations for ALL tiers, seriously, you could use exactly same set up - just change the ships. How hard could it be? 3) Fix coop AI. Its great in some ways, namely in its aggression. No boring camp fests in coop. But it stinks in other ways. Namely it tended to fill unused slots with DDs (Luckily less of this with new MM), and worse, the ridiculous habit of AI ships, especially DDs, ramming each other at start. Often that means available targets shrinks from 8 to 5 in first 2 mins of game. 3) More ships in coop. 10 would be ideal. 4) Get rid of the 1000 point end to battle. All too often you are racing for that last carrier or ship, and bam, end of match. Come on WG. You provided this mode. Do right by its fans, because honestly, if you start being punitive to the coop players, they are just as likely to walk away rather than switch to randoms.