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Just a question to the dev.

How long you guys are gonna let Saipan terrorize tier 7? I know you wanna let it be.. so as to generate money from people buying Saipan, but it really make the game become imbalance. Almost every game .. I emphasize.. "ALMOST",  involving tier 7 cv, if there is SAIPAN, its gonna beat the other CV that is on the other side. 

You can change and disturb tier 4~5 cv, why cant you change the SAIPAN a little bit.. so as to not let it become a monster? Please dont talk about player who are incompetent, in hand of normal to super player its a tool that will always make the game imbalance. Almost no hope for the other team. Even SAIPAN owner admit this.. as I praise their performance. Or you dont want it to become even slightly fair? Adjust your own rules..please dont give excuse that u cant change the SAIPAN due to regulations... if so then just buff both ranger and hiryu..so as to make them give some or at least a chance to win.. even 40-60% ratio would be good instead of  90~10%. You can, because if you cant who else can?


DONT downgrade the game..it was good make it better.


Hater of the unfair gaming.

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I have to agree that Saipan is overpowered for players of most skill levels (although at top level Hiryu is still king).

But I believe the problem with Saipan is only an instantiation (a subset, if you will) of the larger problem of carriers in general. A good player in Saipan suffocates the enemy carrier, but a good player in any carrier suffocates the entire enemy team. As WG agrees, the whole carrier system requires an extensive rework (which has been promised year after year but we've yet to see anything).

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