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Game disconnects at the end of a battle

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1. Description

Game randomly disconnects at the end of the game. Upon reconnecting everything works fine.

2. Reproduction steps

Unknown. It occurs randomly. Not on specific ships/times etc.

3. Result
At the end of a battle, the game disconnects instead of showing the results screen

4. Expected result

The game shouldn't disconnect and it should show the results screen


5. Technical details

Python Log: SoonTM

DxDiag: SoonTM

My internet is fine during the disconnect since I am able to instantly reconnect. I do assume that the game is most likely not the issue here but I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced it. This never occurred before the last update.

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This is a common occurrence with my game and I'm always asking my clan mates how I did. I'm not sure what does it, but it's right at this particular time that it happens. I've assumed it was my internet, but hearing this from you, means that it's a cliché in the main server when it swaps over from the actual game server to the victory screen with the stats. I'm guessing that in the moment the game server exists from the completed game and is supposed to transfer you from the game server to the completion screen which is obviously another server or separate partition of the server, it disconnects. For me it also disconnects at the moment I exit to go  back to port. After being destroyed earlier on in the battle, I'll want to go back to port, so I click on the escape button and then click "yes" to go back to port... it will disconnect there. All through these moments the internet; 'for all  intents and purposes' is still connected. The ping however does a rapid dive down to -35 and bang!   "DISCONNECT" 

YES; it's like I said; it's quite a common occurrence in my household and although it happens quite often, doesn't mean I'm comfortable with it, in fact it's actually the opposite, it upsets me terribly but in this day and age, it would seem we have put up with what we got. Any ideas on a fix would be greatly appreciated.


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