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PD is shots fired at you from other team. DOS is shots fired by your team at enemies that you're spotting (and closest to if more than 1 person spotting them).

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Potential damage is accumulated damages of all shells that falls close proximity to your ship and the torpedoes that pass through close proximity of your ships. The higher the amount is, means you attracted (and effectively reduced / tanked) enemy shells towards you which could potentially be directed to your allies. For example, I have had games with 4.5M potential damage which could easily wipe out my team's cruisers if I hadn't tanked. This is mostly important for battleships.


Spotting damage is the damage that your teammates get when the target is spot by you, either by being the nearest to the said enemy, or using aircraft (cv planes, spotterplane, etc). I believe the damage you do yourself also counts. This metric is mostly useful for Destroyers and Carriers to determine whether they performed their spotting role effectively.

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