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Is this sanctioned by WG & is it legal, ethical & safe?

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Greetings all, 

This was brought to my attention via another clan mate, who found it & put it up on our discord chat.... 


(From clan member) 

"Hi guys i came accross this today [content removed], not sure if anyone else has posted it. If they have I appologise. I have been using it seems okay.

You mine using your GPU to get gaming credits, can be used in WOW, WOT, (other very popular games mentioned) "



I don't know if this is legal or not, from what I can understand of it (the description seems vague to me), it puts an APP on your computer & uses your computer when its idle? If thats what it is, I don't want anyone using my computer when its idle, people could hack, or data mine, identity theft, anything....  it looks dubious to me.. 

If this is how I understand it, it would be a great way to spread virus's or ransomware to other computers, esp by promising rewards for installing the app

I turn it over to the forum, mods, devs to discuss & inform.... I wouldn't want anything bad to be installed on anyones computer.... & I put it here in case someone from wg needs to know about it.... 





Discussing/linking inappropriate/illegal content. Post edited, thread locked, user warned.


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Wouldn't you have to a complete idiot to even do this? It just screams backdoor access.



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I have not went to the website you mentioned, but the way its written is they are trying to trick you into voluntarily mining currency for them.

They are either going to pay you a small fraction of the value of the currency they create (unlikely), or not pay you anything at all and keep it for themselves.

The Growing Threat of Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

Bitcoin boom prompts growth of coin-mining malware

Your other fears are just as valid. Dont do this.

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It's a cryptocurrency miner that uses your GPU when it's idle. I'd recommend against it as it will keep your temperatures up, decrease the life expectancy of your GPU since it's constantly under stress, and there is no guarantee that the person in charge will even hand out payments (or even if they do, hand out a fair portion of his profits).

I have an ex-acquaintance who makes $14,000 a month operating a cryptomining botnet, because Chinese people have no common sense and install any random software from the internet onto their computers. 90% of his botnet is located in China.

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