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Restore Old Training Room Functions

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This official support for training room 'upgrade' seems more like a downgrade to me. All that was actually upgraded was the UI and permissions (and option to disable cyclone), which are very nice and all, but in return lots of the key features that are necessary are removed for some reason. I am now limited to 3 CVs per team; there are no longer any bots and only stationary targets; special battle types for some maps (e.g. ranked-style capture points) are completely unavailable. On the other hand the features I (and I think lots of players) wanted were not added, e.g. the ability to add a bot with specific modules, upgrades, captain skills, and consumables; the ability to pick spawn point for individual ships; etc.

Overall the official training room support at this moment is to say the least, very disappointing. To put the features I think are necessary into a list:

  1. Ability to add fully customizable bots into a battle, including its specific modules, upgrades, captain skills, and consumables.
  2. To be able to set bots' active and armed states like in the past.
  3. Include option to choose ranked battle type for related maps.
  4. Add the functionality to pick spawn points for each ship.
  5. Remove the 3 CV cap.

I am aware that there is an argument to be made for conserving server resources. But to sacrifice so much functionality for this reason is no different than to limit car use to within walking distance in order to conserve fuel: you might as well not have it.

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